Garbage Cleaning at Kurtboğazı Dam, which provides Drinking Water to Ankara

Ankara residents will drink cleaner water
Ankara residents will drink cleaner water

Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKI) General Directorate cleans the garbage that comes to light with the decrease of water in the dams feeding the Capital. ASKİ Deputy General Manager Baran Bozoğlu also participated in the waste and garbage cleaning works carried out in the Kurtboğazı Dam.

ASKİ General Directorate took action to clean the coastlines of the dams and lakes, whose water was drained throughout the city due to the drought.

ASKİ Deputy General Manager Baran Bozoğlu also participated in the cleaning works carried out with 53 personnel and 8 vehicles at the Kurtboğazı Dam, the second largest dam that supplies drinking water to Ankara.


ASKİ Deputy General Manager Bozoğlu, who participated in the coastal cleaning works carried out by ASKİ teams on January 26, 2021 in the Kurtboğazı Dam, where water was withdrawn due to the drought, made the following evaluations:

“Kurtboğazı is our second largest dam providing drinking water to Ankara. After treating the water coming from here at the İvedik Drinking Water Treatment Plant, we offer it to Ankara residents. In order to provide clean and quality water to Ankara residents, we need to keep our water basins clean as well as working in treatment facilities. There is a severe drought in the world. Since our basins do not receive enough rainfall, we see that water is withdrawn in many of our dams. The wastes thrown by the picnicians who come here and those who come to fish unfortunately pollute our water basins. With the withdrawal of water, this pollution became more visible. "


Stating that the coastline is cleaned of garbage bags and plastic waste and that they will continue their cleaning works in other dams and lakes, Bozoğlu made the following warnings, especially addressing citizens who are picnicking and fishing:

“We took this opportunity and started the cleaning process. ASKİ teams are currently cleaning in many basins, especially in the Kurtboğazı Dam. Therefore, we are working intensively to cover the maximum water level, that is, to prevent the pollution of the water, which will increase with rainfall in the future. As you can see in this environment, there is a lot of plastic waste. We even see that even hazardous wastes are thrown away. These wastes should not come to these basins. We want our citizens to be very sensitive about this issue. We are going through the period when we need to protect water the most. Therefore, picnickers should pay attention and collect their waste after their activities. Otherwise, unfortunately, our waters are at risk of contamination. "

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