BMW Motorrad to Mark the Year 2021 with New Models

bmw motorrad will mark the year with new models
bmw motorrad will mark the year with new models

Borusan Otomotiv's distributor in Turkey that BMW Motorrad is making a strong start to the new and ambitious with 2021 models.

The new BMW S 1000 RR, BMW M 1000 R, the new BMW R 18 classic and new BMW R in Turkey in the first quarter ninetta models are preparing to take to the road, will meet with the second quarter of motorcycle enthusiasts of the year, the new BMW R 1250 RT.

BMW Motorrad, which launched the new BMW R 32, which is based on the legendary R 5 and R 18 models of BMW Motorrad, for sale in our country in 2020, plans to bring the new BMW R 18 Classic model to the roads in 2021. BMW Motorrad, which will also present different models of the new BMW R 18 to its enthusiasts, will continue to expand the R 18 family. In addition, the "40 Years GS Edition" special series of iconic GS models will continue to take place in Borusan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers throughout the year.

The new BMW R RT

The new BMW R 1250 RT

BMW Motorrad's abbreviation "RT" has been associated with the world of dynamic touring bikes for over four decades. BMW Motorrad has made extensive changes and innovations to the new BMW R 1250 RT to ensure that this situation continues in the future. With its boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology, the new BMW 1250 RT produces 7750 hp at 136 rpm and 6250 Nm of torque at 143 rpm. In addition to 3 different driving modes, BMW Motorrad's new generation ABS Pro system is also standard on the new BMW R 1250 RT. In addition, with the "ECO" mode, lower consumption values ​​can be achieved and fuel savings can be achieved. Another major innovation that will be presented in the new BMW R 1250 RT is the 10,5-inch TFT display with smartphone integration and navigation feature, while Active Cruise Control (ACC) hardware is also included in a touring motorcycle for the first time.

The new BMW SR

The new BMW S 1000 R

The new inline 1000-cylinder engine from the BMW S 4 RR stands out with its 5 kilograms lighter structure. The lightest motorcycle in its class, the new BMW S 1000 R manages to be the benchmark in performance by producing 11000 hp at 165 rpm and 9250 Nm of torque at 114 rpm. The newly developed suspension with the "Flex Frame" feature, in which the engine carries more load, allows the drivers to keep their knees closer to the body. With three different driving modes named 'Rain', 'Road' and 'Dynamic', the new BMW S 1000 R offers its users a safe and comfortable driving pleasure in the most appropriate way. The fully configurable "Dynamic Pro" mode stands out with its wide variety of adjustment features as part of the "Pro Driving Modes" option. The new S 1000 R includes the "Engine Brake" function as well as the engine drag torque control (MSR) and the "Power Wheelie" function with "Pro Driving Modes". Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) as part of the "Pro Riding Modes" option provides additional support to the driver in emergency braking maneuvers.

The new BMW M RR

The new BMW M 1000 RR

With the new BMW M 1000 RR, motorcycle enthusiasts also join the world of high performance and fascinating BMW M. Based on the S 1000 RR, the new BMW M 1000 RR represents the power of BMW M models with its more performance and lightweight structure. Aerodynamics While playing an important role in the development of the new BMW M 1000 RR, the M fins on the front fascia, developed during intensive testing in the wind tunnel and race track, are made of carbon coated with glossy material. This feature creates an aerodynamic downforce of the fins and provides the application of additional wheel load suitable for the speed. Featuring the iconic M colors, the new BMW M 1000 RR manages to be the most powerful model BMW Motorrad has ever produced with the improvements and customizations made. The new BMW M 1000 RR exceeds the expectations in the Superbike segment with its 192 kg weight, 212 hp power and suspension designed for racing performance.

The new BMW R nineT Models

The new BMW R nineT Models

R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Scrambler and R nineT Urban G / S models with their eye-catching designs now promise much more to their enthusiasts with their expanding standard features and increased engine power. Developing the R nineT family with technical modifications as well as its standard and optional equipment range, BMW Motorrad creates a model range that is unrivaled in its class. The iconic air / oil-cooled engine offered in the new BMW R nineT models and meeting EU-5 standards is capable of delivering 7250 hp at 109 rpm and 6000 Nm of torque at 116 rpm. In addition, ABS Pro is standard in the new BMW R nineT family, together with the Dynamic Brake Control system, which offers greater stability and safety when braking.

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