Totoya Top Selling Automobile Manufacturer Despite Pandemic

Toyota is the most selling manufacturer despite the pandemic
Toyota is the most selling manufacturer despite the pandemic

Despite the COVID-2020 pandemic that affected the whole world in 19, Toyota became the most sold manufacturer in the world automotive industry with a global sales of 9.5 million units.

Toyota, which experienced a decline of only 10.5 percent in the year's total compared to the previous year, grew by 10.3 percent in December, making progress in the last four months of the year consecutively. Sales in North America, China, Europe and Japan, which have been on the rise recently, have been effective in this success of Toyota. The 3 percent growth in the last 6.8 months compared to the previous year went beyond the initial estimates.

Always acting with the goal of producing better cars with the mobility solutions it offers within the scope of Freedom of Movement for All, Toyota minimized the impact of the pandemic by taking advantage of the comprehensive measures taken together with its suppliers and authorized dealers and the support of customers throughout the year.

The share of hybrids and electric vehicles increased

In addition, Toyota managed to increase the sales rate of its cars with electric power units in 2020. The sales rate of global electric vehicles, especially in Europe, China and North America, rose to 23 percent. Toyota's worldwide hybrid vehicle sales increased 1.7 percentage points over the previous year to 1.95 million units.

Toyota's best-selling model in 2020 was the RAV2.9 SUV with 994 thousand units, an increase of 4 percent compared to the previous year.

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