Were These Highways and Bridges Built To Let No One Come By?

Are these highways and bridges built so that no one should come and cross
Are these highways and bridges built so that no one should come and cross

We accept that ... Every relax There is a price. To existing highways for transportation alternative made as of the highway There is nothing more natural than the price.

For him Onun

Using highways that also reduce highway density encourage required.

So what…

With the new year hike in highway and bridge fees not encouraging, deterrent turned into a prevention.


Bursa'When we consider it with the side that concerns, Bursa'and Istanbul'and ve Izmir'And commuting on the highway a serious budget we see that it has become a necessity.

For example…

In vehicle categories 1st Class accepted car driver using Bursa'and Istanbul'to go to the highway according to the new tariff. Altinova 'or up to 44 have to pay rent. Osmangazi Bridge ''while passing by Direction to Istanbul with the cost of 195.5 lira Going to istanbul its cost reaches 239.5 liras.


Due to incorrect readings of optical devices at toll booths different category It should not be forgotten that the vehicles seen are overpayed.

For the same way ...

2st Class Minibus type vehicles accepted to the highway 70.5 lira, Osmangazi Bridge ''Neither has to pay a total of 312.5 lira, 383 lira.

On the way back…

While the automobile paid 147.5 lira to the bridge and 44 lira to the highway, a total of 191.5 lira, round trip for 431 liras is reaching. While minibus type vehicles pay 236 lira to the bridge and 70.5 lira to the road round trip cost 689.5 lira finds.

This table ...

Bursa'and Izmir'The round trip for cars is 343 lira and 548 lira for minibus type vehicles.

Apparently An

Instead of encouraging and encouraging the highway, "Oh nobody pass by, but the roads don't get old" With the logic of a heavy fee.

Those who made this decision…

They may not understand the prices since they were passing officially, but they should forget that one day they will have to drive their own.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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