Antalyakart HEPP Code Matching Date Extended

Antalyacard account code matching date has been extended
Antalyacard account code matching date has been extended

Within the scope of combating the Covid-19 outbreak in Antalya, the period expired on January 15 for matching HES code with Antalyakart for healthier public transportation has been extended until Friday, January 22 to avoid possible grievances.

Within the scope of combating the Covid-19 epidemic, the HEPP Code application integrated period in public transportation was initiated in accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the scope of combating the epidemic and the decision of the Antalya Governorship Provincial Sanitation Board in order to prevent citizens who need to be in quarantine from using urban public transportation extended to. It has been reported that 22 thousand people have performed the HES Code-Antalyacard matching process so far, and the number of cards actively used in the last 230 months is 6 thousand. It was stated that citizens who still do not match HES codes to their cards should complete this process by Friday, January 900.


In the statement made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, it was reported that citizens who do not define HES codes during their boarding on public transportation vehicles (bus, minibus, Antray and nostalgia tram) cannot benefit from public transportation service and people who do not have a balance cannot use other cards. Only the cardholder can use the cards paired with HES and the second swipe will not be allowed.


After the HES code-Antalya card matching is provided, the Antalya cards of the citizens diagnosed with Covid-19 or in contact will be suspended during the isolation period. Although he was informed that he should be in isolation, the information of the people who are detected to use public transportation vehicles will be shared with the Ministry of Health in order to apply the necessary administrative sanctions and, if necessary, to file a criminal complaint.


The Antalyakart and HES Code matching process, which is carried out within the scope of combating coronavirus, can only be done on the website On the website, they can easily match by filling in the HES code, TR ID number and Antalya card number or the contactless credit card numbers used in public transportation.

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