All Public Transport Drivers in Samsun Undergo Covid-19 Test

All public transport drivers in sams are tested for covid
All public transport drivers in sams are tested for covid

Under the coordination of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, all urban minibus, bus and tram drivers are tested for coronavirus.

In Samsun, in line with the Decision of the Provincial Sanitation Board Meeting, it was decided to test all urban public transport drivers for coronavirus. Action was taken for drivers using public transport, where thousands of passengers are transported every day and are in close contact with citizens. The coronavirus tests to be carried out under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation started today by the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Health. All drivers in Samsun, where approximately 3 thousand drivers and 80 drivers work and an average of 240 thousand passengers per day are transported, were tested one by one. Periodic tests will be completed next week.

In the city, where masks, distance and hygiene rules are applied in the public transportation sector, which is considered to be indispensable for life, and where frequent inspections are carried out by Metropolitan Municipality teams, this application made to drivers was welcomed.

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