More Than 6 Thousand Historical Artifacts Arrive in Daylight in 2020

Historical artifacts
Historical artifacts

In Turkey, the archaeological work carried out in the running of challenging process coronavirus outbreak of thousands of works has been reached. More than 6 thousand works bearing the traces of the past entered the museum inventories in 2020.

From the 2-year-old terracotta finds in Myra excavations, to the 200-century portrait in Laodikeia, from the 20-year-old figurine in the Yeşilova Mound excavations to the 8-year-old marble idols unearthed from Kültepe-Kaniş, thousands of more eye-catching artifacts were brought to light in 4.

This year, 118 Turkish and 21 foreign excavations were carried out in Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations. The total number of archaeological excavations was 44 with 183 studies under the direction of the Museum Directorates.

Also in 2020, 139 rescue excavations, 12 public investment area salvage excavations and 50 drill excavations were carried out under the direction of the Museum Directorates. The underwater excavations in Turkey's seas 5 was made.

The total number of archaeological activities reached 2020 in 502, together with the archaeological survey, geophysics-georadar and cleaning works carried out under the chairmanship of local and foreign scientists and Museum Directorates.

Over 40 Million Allowances for Excavations

archaeological excavations carried out in Turkey this year the Cultural Assets and Museums General Directorate of 25 million 457 thousand 518 pounds, and the Presidency of the Turkish Historical Society was transferred 15 million 143 thousand 656 TL 73 cents appropriations.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided a total of 2020 million 40 thousand 601 liras and 174 kuruş for excavations in 73.

With the permission of the Ministry, a total of 891 in the excavation and research works carried out by the scientific delegations, and in the works such as rescue excavations and soundings carried out under the presidency of the Museum Directorates, 4 inventories are transferred to the museums. kazanyelled. The total number of inventories in museums in 2020 was 6.

Most Artifact Rescue Excavations

Kütahya and Diyarbakır Museums were registered as the first two museums in 2020 in terms of the number of inventory artifacts obtained from excavations.

A total of 2 artifacts from the rescue excavations carried out under the direction of the Kütahya Museum Directorate in the Kütahya Seyitömer Mound were recorded in the inventory of the Kütahya Museum.

During the rescue excavations carried out in the impact area of ​​the Ambar Dam under the direction of the Diyarbakır Museum Directorate, 850 artifacts were included in the Diyarbakır Museum inventory.

Within the scope of the excavations carried out by the scientific delegations, the most inventory artifacts were obtained from the archaeological excavations in and around the Hippodrome in Hatay province, with 190 pieces. Artifacts to Hatay Museum kazanyelled.

Ranking; Parion Ancient City Excavations in Çanakkale province with 165 artifacts, Sinop Province Balatlar Church excavation with 97 artifacts and İzmir Yeşilova Mound excavation with 66 artifacts followed.

The Number of Excavations Will Be 123

Of the archaeological excavations carried out with the support of the Ministry, 2019 in 20 and 42 this year were included in the scope of excavations that will continue throughout the year, bringing the total number to 2020 in 62.

In addition to these excavations, for which the Turkish Historical Society also provided a project support fee, 2021 archaeological excavations were included in the scope of the project in 61. Thus, in 2021, the number of excavations to be carried out throughout the year reached 123.

Highlights of Eye-catching Works

Among the artifacts unearthed in 2020 within the scope of archaeological excavations are as follows:

A group of 2 thousand 200 years old terracotta finds from Antalya Demre Myra excavations, a glass ring stone with the depiction of Heracles found in Antalya Kas Patara excavations and a ring stone with the depiction of the Egyptian Queen Arsinoe, a dressed woman statue dating to the 2rd century AD found in the Perge excavations, İzmir Smyrna a young Satyros relief found in the stage building excavations of the theater, 3-year-old marble idols found in Kayseri Kültepe-Kaniş excavations, a 4-century portrait from Denizli Laodikeia excavations, an 300-year-old white marble figurine from the İzmir-Yeşilova Mound excavations, 20 thousand 8 years old terracotta bust and masks found, the archaic period terracotta sculpture from Muğla-Marmaris underwater excavations and the statue of Asklepios and the bust of Serapis from the excavations of the ancient city of Kibyra in Burdur-Gölhisar.

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