5 Effective Steps to Lower Natural Gas Bill in Residences

The effective step for a lower natural gas bill
The effective step for a lower natural gas bill

There are various obstacles to efficient and economical heating in houses. Stating that at the top of these obstacles are the use of old technology standard honeycomb and factors that cause heat loss, Enover Enerji Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Malik Çağlar lists the measures to be taken for a lower natural gas bill.

The biggest problem of consumers who spend this winter more in their homes with the pandemic is the inability to heat. One of the main problems of consumers, who see that they are faced with high bills and cannot be heated efficiently, are standard honeycombs with old technology. Enover Energy, which has a new technology that changes the era in heat transfer and energy efficiency in the world, Dr. According to Malik Çağlar, there are 30,5 steps to be taken to warm up this winter by economically saving up to 5% on natural gas bills.

Standard Honeycombs Cause High Bills

With the arrival of the winter season, the weather got colder. Accordingly, the increase in natural gas consumption for heating causes high bills. Stating that the role of honeycombs with old technology, which has been used for more than 100 years in the creation of high bills, Dr. Malik Çağlar, the architect of the revolution in heating and cooling systems, states that up to 65% energy savings are achieved in the EHP technology cores, which contain nano-technological particles.

5 Steps to Lower Natural Gas Bills

Enover Enerji Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that in addition to the use of honeycomb with EHP in order to heat economically, efficiently and in the fastest way, the heat gained in the houses should not be lost. Malik Çağlar offers 5 simple and effective suggestions for consumers who want to end high natural gas bills.

1. Insulate doors and windows. 25 percent of the heat loss in homes is caused by windows and doors. Insulated material should be preferred when building doors and windows, and the gaps in the door and window edges should be covered with a window sponge.

2. Use pads with EHP technology. Standard honeycombs using old technology can reach a room temperature of 21 degrees, which provides real life comfort, for as long as 45 minutes. Instead of standard honeycombs, honeycombs using EHP technology developed by Enover Energy, which contain nano-technological particles, should be preferred. While the combs with EHP can bring a room to a temperature of 18 degrees in 22 to 21 minutes, it also saves up to 30,5 percent on natural gas bills.

3. Make your thermal insulation. The lack of external thermal insulation of the buildings can cause the heat gained to be lost easily. For houses without heat insulation, which is one of the factors that increase natural gas bills, exterior thermal insulation must be made.

4. Use double glazed windows. The windows cause the heat gained to melt and disappear. By choosing double-glazed windows, heat loss can be reduced by 50 percent and high savings from natural gas can be achieved.

5. Do not cover or cover the combs. In particular, covering the front of the heated combs with various items or drying the clothes on it is seen as an important factor in experiencing heat loss. For this reason, the combs should not be covered with furniture or clothes should not be dried on them.

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