BOTAŞ and TCDD Damaged 23 Public Institutions, especially

The public institution hurt, especially botas and tcdd
The public institution hurt, especially botas and tcdd

The TCA, which scrutinizes public enterprises, published its audit report on its website. Accordingly, 2019 public enterprises suffered losses in 23. Most damage was seen in TCDD and BOTAS, Turkey was determined to write all of the company's losses Coal Authority.

The 2019 Public Enterprises General Report of the TCA was published. Period profit of 81 public public enterprises (excluding financial institutions) decreased from 2018 billion lira in 13,8 to 2019 billion lira in 7.6. While 23 of the public enterprises lost in 2019. others made a profit.

The companies with the highest profit are TOKİ (7,6 billion TL), DHMİ (4,2 billion TL) TEİAŞ (2,1 billion TL), TPAO (1,2 billion TL), Eti Maden İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü (2,8, 1 billion TL) and General Directorate of Coastal Safety (XNUMX billion TL).

The public institutions that made losses in 2019 are as follows:

  1. Meat and Milk Authority General Directorate 34.6 million pounds
  2. Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) 15.1 million liras
  3. BOTAS 5.6 billion pounds
  4. TEA-KUR 635 million pounds
  5. State Railways 2.5 billion pounds
  6. Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises Amasra 99 million pounds
  7. Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises Armutçuk 138 million pounds
  8. Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises Karadon 381 million pounds
  9. Kozlu Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises 262 million pounds
  10. Üzülmez Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises 213 million pounds
  11. TÜDEMSAŞ 101 million pounds
  12. TCDD Taşımacılık 1 billion pounds
  13. TEDAŞ 389 million pounds
  14. Sümer Holding 30 million pounds
  15. Sugar Factories 968 million pounds
  16. Doğusan Pipe 2.8 million pounds
  17. PTT 1.2 billion pounds
  18. PTT Para Logistics 9.8 million pounds
  19. RAYSİMAŞ 5.3 million pounds
  20. Sofra Corporate 397 thousand liras
  21. asphaltene 109 thousand liras
  22. Foundation Construction 2.2 million pounds
  23. Arıcak Tourism 8.1 million pounds

Number of Personnel Increased

By the end of 2019, public enterprises used a total of 384,7 trillion TL of resources, 1.4 billion TL of which was equity capital and 1,8 trillion TL of foreign resources. In the 2017-2019 period, equity increased by 13,4 percent, foreign resources increased by 22,2 percent, and the total resource increase rate was 20,2 percent.

As of the end of 2019, 21,2 percent of total assets were covered by 385 billion TL, equity capital, 78,8 percent, 1,4 trillion TL by foreign resources.

The number of personnel employed in public enterprises increased from 2018 thousand 186 people in 785 to 2019 thousand 192 people at the end of 852. On the other hand, personnel expenditures increased from 21,7 billion TL to 25,7 billion TL. While the number of personnel is decreasing in institutions and financial institutions within the scope of privatization; personnel expenses increased in groups other than organizations within the scope of privatization.

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