What Awaits the Izmir Real Estate Sector in 2021?

what awaits the real estate sector in Izmir
what awaits the real estate sector in Izmir

Real Estate PR stated that Izmir will make a name for itself with new housing projects in the form of a site, especially urban transformation projects in the new year, and stated that 'there will be great changes in the motivation of consumers to acquire real estate from Izmir.'

Real Estate PR, which operates in the field of real estate economy and marketing, announced the trends and predictions of Izmir's construction and real estate sector. Underlining that in our life where everything changes, the motivation of consumers to acquire real estate also changes, Gayrimenkul PR will decrease the real buyer mass in the new period when the economic crisis will get darker and the construction companies will have a convincing and decisive customer base in order to have a competitive advantage. He suggested that they will load the method on their companies and restart their marketing strategies.

That Analysis

Housing prices throughout Izmir continue to be offered for sale at prices much higher than market market values. There was artificial purchases and chaos created by the advantageous loan period, and construction companies and property owners do not lower their housing prices, as houses found buyers at the foamed prices at that time. This 2-month period upset the property index values ​​in Izmir. In the Izmir real estate sector, we are moving towards a market where the prices are determined by buyers, not sellers. Although housing sales in Izmir decreased by 28 percent compared to November of the previous year, the prices are still well above the market values. As long as the prices do not fall to reasonable levels, the deferred housing demands of the consumers will increase and a "housing bubble" will occur in Izmir. Economic crisis and high return rates provided by financial market instruments will negatively affect real estate sales in Izmir for a long time.

Construction firms and real estate offices will update their sales strategies

The existence of 17 active fault lines in İzmir will increase the sales chances of earthquake resistant and new housing projects. As the earthquake causes consumers to be skeptical of real estate in Izmir, construction companies and real estate offices will have difficulty selling houses with old habits. Creating alternative customer channels in real estate sales and converting marketing into sales in a short time, the Advertorial method, which creates a convincing and determined customer base for consumers, will be used as a basic sales strategy by Izmir construction companies and real estate offices.

In 2021, the biggest innovation in Izmir will be housing projects in the form of a site as urban transformation and features. New housing projects will be made in İzmir's areas with strong ground and high altitude. Mansion, Bayraklı, Bornova KarşıyakaA large part of the city will start to be renewed with projects on island basis. Housing projects in Alsancak's high-traffic areas will also change the social fabric in the region. Traffic in the region will increase even more after the sessions begin in housing projects concentrated in Halkapınar and its vicinity. High-rise housing projects that will rise one after another in Bornova will change the demographic structure of the region and increase the trade volume. BayraklıNew living spaces will be created with the construction of low-rise residences in Turkey. The villas and housing projects built on the coastlines of Izmir will keep their charm. However, since these regions are on the active fault line, it will be necessary to renew the building stock. Housing projects that are under construction or completed in areas with solid ground will continue to attract attention in Narlıdere. Due to the foaming of prices in Güzelbahçe and Urla in recent months, real buyers will turn to long-term rental rather than buying. As regular life will increase in Çeşme, consumers will especially demand 2 + 1 housing. Most of the development works in the district, whose plans are still ongoing, will begin to be implemented and both the building stock will be renewed and alternative living spaces will be created in Çeşme with new housing projects. Housing demand in districts such as Seferihisar, Menderes and Foça will maintain its vitality. İzmir will continue to receive generally qualified immigration in 2021

Izmir housing sector will remain stable in terms of sales in 2021. If real estates with no alternative features are put up for sale at the right price, they will not be affected by time and financial markets. Construction companies will revive the speed of converting their housing projects into financing with value-increasing advertorial methods.

Housing projects that generate their own energy and collect water and smart villas will be built in İzmir. The concept of luxury housing will be reshaped. Demands for real estate that create more usage areas will increase. Housing prices are not expected to decline as construction costs increase temporarily. With the pandemic, villas with large gardens and large square meters residence apartments with social living areas will continue to be preferred.

Plans will be made to convert plaza-type offices completed or ongoing in Izmir to residences.

Real estates will bring a new standard of living as the pandemic will continue to exist in people's lives for many years to come. Since people no longer prefer to live in the center and crowded, they will turn to housing projects and villas in the form of sites with social facilities and large garden areas away from the chaos of the city. In the new period, the most prominent feature in real estate will be the concept of safe housing.

Housing sales will remain stagnant for a long time due to the increase in interest rates. Mortgage sales will also fall

Dynamism will continue in land, land and field sales

Drought and water cuts in İzmir will be seen frequently in the new period. Seawater treatment projects will come to the fore. Direct investments in renewable energy fields in İzmir will increase with public support

A liveliness will be seen in İzmir in housing sales to foreigners. Separations and chaos in EU countries will encourage expats to buy housing in Izmir

There will be radical changes in real estate sales and marketing. With the implementation of the real estate trade, the real estate sales industry will enter a period in which economists will have a say.

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