Early Booking Excitement Has Started For The 2021 Holiday Season

Early booking excitement has started for the holiday season
Early booking excitement has started for the holiday season

Early booking excitement has begun in Touristica, which is one of the leading travel agencies of Turkish tourism. Stating that they expect a growth of more than 2021 percent in domestic holiday sales in 100, Touristica's Chairman Burak Tonbul said that vacationers can benefit from discounts and payment facilities up to 50 percent during the early booking period. Tonbul also stated that they offer a refund guarantee to holiday lovers who want to cancel their reservation due to a possible problem.

After a difficult 2020, millions of people dream of a nice holiday in the new year. Especially nowadays, when vaccination studies for Covid-19 are intense, holidaymakers focus on their holidays and travels in 2021. Vacationers, who expect the pandemic to lose its effect with vaccination studies, do not want to miss the advantages offered with the start of the early booking period. However, consumers do not want to be a victim of any reservation cancellation. Paying attention to this sensitivity of its guests, Touristica refunds the payments made by the vacationers in case of a possible problem.

"We expect a growth over 100 percent in domestic holiday sales"

Burak Tonbul, Chairman of Touristica, who operates in areas such as domestic trips, cultural tours, Cyprus tours, international tours, cruise, flight tickets and MICE organizations, said that there was not much decrease in domestic travel in 2020, and the season in Cyprus tours was% He said that they closed with a drop close to 70. Stating that they expect dynamism in their domestic trips in 2021, Tonbul said, “We expect a growth of over 2020 percent in domestic holiday sales compared to 100. On the Cyprus tours, we have a growth target of 2019 percent compared to 75. If we talk about our other activities; "We set a growth target of 50 percent in cultural trips, 30 percent in international trips and 10 percent in other products."

Easy to pay with up to 50% discount and up to 18 months installments

Burak Tonbul said that the early booking period has started and that holidaymakers can benefit from discounts of up to 50 percent with this campaign, “We also offer payment facilities to our guests. If our guests wish, we can pay the holiday fees in 4 installments 9 months after the purchase, or we offer installments up to 18 months from the date of purchase without delay. For overseas and Cyprus holiday options, it is possible to pay in 3 installments, which is the upper limit allowed by the rules. In addition, when our guests face a possible problem and cancel their reservation in the future, they can receive refunds without interruption. In addition, if there is a decrease in the amount of the reservation in the future in the holiday package purchased, the difference is refunded to the customer. Our customers in short kazanThey can not only lose their already established rights but also benefit from newly created rights. In normal years, when the early booking period ends in May, 70 percent of the average general sales are realized, and we anticipate that this rate will remain between 2021 - 20 percent in 25.

"We will make a difference with special gastronomy tours"

Touristica, which always prioritizes guest satisfaction, showed the highest effort for guest satisfaction during the pandemic period. Stating that they work hard for their guests to be peaceful and happy, Burak Tonbul said, “Our first priority in Touristica is the satisfaction of our guests. As in previous years, we made every effort to prevent our guests from being sad in 2020. Since it is not clear when the pandemic will end, our guests are hesitant to make a reservation. Because vacationers do not want to suffer financially. Refunds for cancellation requests of reservations made before in Touristica were made and concluded immediately. We promise our guests good memories. We will use all our means to realize these promises, ”he said. While Tonbul recommends Turkish vacationers to take a vacation in the country in 2021, “We invite our guests to take a holiday in the country in order to contribute to their safety and the economy of the country. As Touristica, we have prepared interesting and attractive alternative programs for our guests. For example, we will make a difference with the special gastronomy tours we are working on ”.

Burak Tonbul continued his words as follows: “As the Diana group, the satisfaction of our customers has always been our first priority in our 43 years of tourism life. It has always been at the center of our group's service understanding to ensure that the dreams of the people who dream of working and prefer our country for 12 months come true and that they return to their country happily by having the holiday they dream of. Again, with this understanding, on this road we set out with our Touristica brand, it is our most important commitment to make the dream holidays of our guests come true and to conclude their holiday experiences with the highest satisfaction.

Things to consider when making an early reservation

Burak Tonbul also touched on the issues that vacationers should pay attention to when making an early reservation and said: “Our guests; They should pay attention to the reliability of first degree tour operators, not to the promised discount rates, but to the sales prices of the facilities, the compatibility of the price received and the quality of the hotel, whether the payment will be refunded in case of any problem, whether the refund of the difference is guaranteed in case of any price decrease in the season. And of course, most importantly, they should be very careful whether the hotels are Safe Tourism Certified and comply with the pandemic rules. "

Touristica, which aims to ensure that its guests enjoy their holiday fully with its service, invites all holiday lovers to take advantage of advantageous early booking.

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