'ATAK' Did Not Mercy on Poison Merchants: 14 Kilograms of Drug Substance Seized

We did not pity the attack poison dealers, kilograms of drugs were seized
We did not pity the attack poison dealers, kilograms of drugs were seized

Gendarmerie teams seized 14 kilograms of drugs in an operation they organized to an address in Fatih, where they have been following for a long time. VY trying to launch the drug in question and A.Ş., which was a courier for its distribution. and HY were caught.

Suspects VY, A.Ş. and HY were arrested and sent to prison by the judicial authorities, where they were released after their actions in the Gendarmerie.

As a result of the intelligence studies conducted by the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams to combat drug trafficking; VY, the drug illegally procured by the person, the so-called bag maker A.Ş. and HY, through the persons named, was informed that it is preparing to market throughout the province of Istanbul.

The Gendarmerie Followed Step by Step

Gendarmerie teams scrutinized the address of the suspect named VY in Fatih, and determined that the suspect was hiding the drugs at this address where he used it as a warehouse. Determining that the person and the couriers came together at VY's house to plan the distribution of the drug, the teams pressed the button for the operation.

Gendarmerie Attacked

Detector dog ATAK also supported the searches made by the gendarmerie teams in the house of the suspect. When ATAK turned to the bedroom, the Gendarmerie teams concentrated their searches there and removed the bed when ATAK reacted especially to the bed base. The teams, which opened the black suitcase under the bed, seized a total of 14 kilograms of drug skunk in the suitcase in packages prepared for general distribution.

Women Used Courier

Suspect VY's, A.Ş. and HY, who often met with female couriers at home and after the planning there, female couriers A.Ş. and it turns out that he has commissioned HY for the drug distribution phase. It was determined that the persons agreed to meet at home and make planning on the day of the operation.

VY, Inc. and HY were arrested by the judicial authorities and sent to prison after his actions in the Gendarmerie, while it was learned that the efforts to arrest the persons who were considered to be connected with the incident were continuing with determination.

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