11 More Stations to Open This Year in Moscow Metro

In the Moscow metro, the station is opening this year
In the Moscow metro, the station is opening this year

Great speed in Moscow in recent years kazanA very important step is being taken in the construction of the metro that will make life easier in the capital. Apart from the existing metro circle and the Moscow Central Circle rail system, which opened in 2016, the construction of 31 new stations in the 11-station project that will form the third circle is progressing to the final stage.

According to the news in turkrus; “The Moscow Municipality announced a statement on its official website that 11 new metro stations will be opened in the city this year. All of the stations to be opened will be on the Big Ring Line, which is called BKL (Bolshaya Koltsevaya line).

Most of these stations will connect the existing metro stations, which currently have vertical connections to the center, with one big circle.

Thus, in city planning, the highway system will now rise to the Moscow center consisting of three circles (Boulevard Circle, 3rd Circle, MKAD), and three circles in the rail system.

Moscow metro map

BKL stations to be put into service are:

  1. Karamyshevskaya,
  2. mnevniki,
  3. Terehovo,
  4. Kuntsevskaya,
  5. Davidkovo,
  6. Aminyevskaya,
  7. Michurinsky Prospect,
  8. Prospect Vernadskogo,
  9. Novatorskaya,
  10. Kalujskaya
  11. zyuzino

Seven new metro stations were put into service in Moscow in 2020.

The Great Ring Line, which will connect the districts of Moscow's outer periphery, is planned to be finally combined in 2022. The length of the line on which 31 stations will be found is 70 kilometers.

The first metro station in Moscow was opened in 1935 with 11 stations on an 13-kilometer line. Currently, the number of stations has exceeded 263 in two circles. The total length reached 408 kilometers.

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