Facial Asymmetry Can Shadow The Beauty Of The Nose!

Facial asymmetry can shadow the beauty of the nose
Facial asymmetry can shadow the beauty of the nose

Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op.Dr. Bahadır Baykal gave important information about this important detail in nasal aesthetics.

Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal said "Rhinoplasty alone is not enough without correcting the asymmetry in the face. Nose aesthetics are the most common aesthetic intervention in our country and all over the world. If we leave aside the unsuccessful surgeries, sometimes patients may not be happy, although the result of the surgery is very nice Nose aesthetics, which is performed alone without evaluating the complex structure consisting of nose, forehead, lip, chin tip and under the chin, and without harmonization between these structures at the end of the surgery, is actually an incomplete surgery. asymmetry and profile problem is not resolved. " said.

Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal said, "The important point in facial aesthetics is not the beauty of a single structure, but the balance and harmony between the dynamic structures of the face. This concept, which has attracted more attention in recent years, has especially affected aesthetic facial surgery and nose aesthetics together. For this reason, it is not enough to evaluate rhinoplasty patients in terms of nasal aesthetics alone. It is an indispensable golden rule to evaluate the profile of all patients who come for nasal aesthetics. "It is very necessary to evaluate the nose, forehead, lips, chin tip and bottom of the chin together and to ensure a proportional harmony for the happiness of the patient. Especially for a better profile view in the side view, the distance between the tip of the nose and the upper lip should be the same."

Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal said, “Look carefully at your face in the mirror. If the right and left sides of your face are the same, there is no problem, but if one side looks swollen, you may be faced with a loss of symmetry, which we see very often in the society. We perform skeletal restoration in severe cases in order to make the bones suitable for the symmetry of the face. If it is simpler, we apply fat and tissue injections. The aim here is to achieve the golden percentage. " made the statement.

Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal continued his words as follows; "Routine profile analysis should be done for every person who comes for rhinoplasty. Forehead arch, forehead nose junction, nose, nose lip distance, lips, lower jaw tip are absolutely carefully evaluated. All structures of the face can be intervened at the same time with rhinoplasty surgery. If there is a collapse, this situation can be eliminated with filling. Lip volume can be increased. Implant is placed on the jaw tip. If the chin tip is too forward, it can be shaved to take it backwards. becomes clear. If we try to match the nose to the small and backward chin, the result will not be very bright. The aim here is to capture the correct, balanced and harmonious profile and to bring the new silhouette on the face as close to the golden ratio as possible. said.

Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal finally said, "The concept of beauty has attracted the attention of many artists and scientists for centuries, and the studies have revealed the measurements and proportions that do not change from race to race for a beautiful face. These golden proportions are universally accepted and nature is everywhere. There are these proportions even in the arrangement of the leaves in the branches of a tree. " said.

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