YouTubeTax Shock for r and Social Media Phenomena!

youtubeTaxes on r and social media phenomena
youtubeTaxes on r and social media phenomena

Increasing interest in the digital world during the pandemic period made social media phenomena more visible. The issue of taxpayers of those who earn income through social media is among the frequently discussed issues. According to the Income Tax Law YouTube phenomena have tax obligations.

Tax audits have been increased in recent years to ensure the full and complete declaration of tax revenues. Those who perform the new generation professions of the digital age are taxed in line with their earnings. YouTube Those who broadcast and make a profit are considered as normal income taxpayers.

Invoice is required

Those who broadcast and make a profit on this medium are taxed as they make commercial income in accordance with Article 37 of the Income Tax Law. Taxpayers who earn income are obliged to keep an income book and issue invoices and receipts.

Controls increased

YouTube Stating that earning an income through income requires taxation, Mesut Şenel, Founder of IFASTURK Financial Consultancy and Audit, drew attention to tax audits and said, “One of the new generation professions that digitalization brings to business life. YouTuber'lik has certain obligations regarding taxpayer. YouTube There are also retrospective examinations in the earnings obtained from it. YouTubeWe are trying to raise awareness on this issue with the consultancy services we provide on tax law to those who earn income from social media channels, including Rs. gave the information.



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