Yoroz Urban Forest is Renewed with an Arrangement Compatible with Nature

Yoroz urban forest is renewed with an arrangement in harmony with nature
Yoroz urban forest is renewed with an arrangement in harmony with nature

📩 25/12/2020 14:33

Yoroz City Forest, located within the borders of Saraycık District of Altınordu district of Ordu, is being renovated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality with an arrangement in harmony with nature.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler's efforts to make the existing recreation areas in Ordu more attractive and to increase the touristic attraction areas are continuing. For this purpose, the works started in Yoroz, which is an urban forest but lost its attraction in recent years, are continuing rapidly. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality teams are implementing many changes such as the renewal of walking steps in the city forest, the creation of a viewing terrace at the summit, and the creation of horse safari tracks.


Providing information about the work done in the urban forest, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Alp said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. With the initiative Mehmet Hilmi Güler has given us, we are in an effort to create new living spaces in our city and to make the places more attractive ”.

Secretary General Alp said: “Due to the destruction on the walking steps in Yoroz City Forest, we carried out an arrangement work here. In this way, we have created an environment where our citizens can easily go to the summit with a more comfortable transportation. In Boztepe, one of our other attractions, our people were looking at the city from west to east, and now, with the observation terrace we will build in the urban forest, they will have the chance to look from east to west. We will also create a track for horse safari here. Any fire that may be experienced in Yoroz with the road built for safari, etc. In such cases, vehicles will be easily accessible. Anyone who has not seen this place until this time, and has not come and gone, will be able to climb to the summit easily. All these studies are carried out with the approval of the Forestry Administration. Our Metropolitan Mayor Dr. With the instructions given by Mehmet Hilmi Güler to us, we are in an effort to create new living spaces in our city and to make the existing spaces more attractive. Good luck to our city from now on. "


Stating that healthier natural environments will be offered to citizens with the works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Giresun Regional Director of Forestry Ahmet Güneş said, “Yoroz City Forest is one of our registered recreation areas operated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for about 10 years. With the project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality here this year, it will be ensured that it will benefit from the urban forest in a healthier way. The urban forest, located 15 kilometers from the city, is a dominant point where you can see Ordu on the one hand and Giresun on the other. "With the work done here, healthier and natural environments will be offered to the citizens."

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