Domestic Cars Aims 2022 Stars from Euro NCAP in 5

domestic car targets star from euro in year
domestic car targets star from euro in year

📩 27/12/2020 12:33

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) Senior Manager GurcanTurkoglu King, noting okay with the idea, and they set out to become a global brand of industrial property is 100 percent Turkey, "the coming of our well within 15 years, our plans and our program will be implemented in line with our objectives." said.

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakas, Turkey Exporters Assembly under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce (TIM) this year by the 8th organized "Turkey Innovation Week" in his speech at the second day, export locomotive, a transformation that in the automotive industry , touched upon the mega trends that triggered this transformation and the mission within this transformation as TOGG. Saying that the automobile will soon undergo a transformation like phones and become completely smart, Karakaş said; “We continue to work in line with our plans for the production of electric cars from birth, not afterwards, with all the rights belonging to us, completely original and national, at a high level of localization. We are progressing in line with our project goals. In the works we have done so far, both in determining our technical works and in the completion of our design, our target audience analysis, our brand studies, we have completed all of these on time, we have created our technology platform. While creating this technology platform, we aim for the five-star certification from NCAP in Europe in 2022, and we are working on it ”.

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