Yedikuyular Ski Center Aims to Host 500 Thousand Tourists

Yedikuyular ski resort aims to host a thousand tourists
Yedikuyular ski resort aims to host a thousand tourists

Mayor Güngör, who examined the work carried out in the Yedikuyular region with the members of the press, said, “We built bedesten and bungalow houses in our Yedikuyular Ski Center. With our transportation and infrastructure works, we have implemented a total investment of 26 million for the region. Our Yedikuyular Ski Center will serve with its renewed face in the new season.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hayrettin Güngör visited Yedikuyular Ski Center with members of the press. In the program, in which AK Party Deputy Provincial Chairman Ali Köfte also took part, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to visit the region. kazanBedesten, bungalow houses and social facilities were examined. At the meeting held afterwards, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hayrettin Güngör made statements about the investments made in Yedikuyular.

Number of Social Facilities Increased in the Region

Mayor Güngör said, “Our city has a very rich natural heritage. Yedikuyular Ski Center is of great importance for both our city and the region. In this context, we found in our review of our facilities across Turkey for the new season preparations and we have implemented our new projects in this context. In the first place, we eased the transportation of the region. We widened our way in only Ardıç area. We set off for double transportation in our ski resort region. "We increased our parking lot and common use capacity."

Target 500 Thousand Visitors

Stating that an investment of 26 million was made in the Yedikuyular region, Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör said: kazanThe total cost of the Bedesten, transportation and infrastructure investments we have made and the Bungalow houses is 26 Million TL. With these projects, we plan to increase the tourism activity in the region to 12 months. We have also determined our medium and long-term roadmap. Our ski center, which appeals to a population of 10 million in the surrounding provinces, receives an average of 150 thousand visitors. Hopefully, we aim to increase this number to 500 thousand. We continue our work by taking into account the pandemic conditions. Our esteemed members of the press accompanied us today. I thank everyone.”

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