What is Rail Systems Engineering, How to Become and What Does It Do?

what is rail systems engineering how to be and what does it do
what is rail systems engineering how to be and what does it do

Rail systems are very popular in the world and particularly in Europe, Turkey to the holding of an important strategic place in future plans is generally used in transportation and transportation from the system operating costs and less risk communities.

When it comes to Rail Systems, there are trains and high-speed trains in the foreground. Rail systems engineers working in the train industry, which will increase in the coming days, require competent staff, which increases with the rapid train construction works in our country. Rail systems engineer work in many different fields.

What is a Rail Systems Engineer?

Rail systems engineer is a mechanical engineer who mainly specializes in rail systems. Rail systems engineer is the person who carries out the design, transformation, project production and development of all kinds of rail vehicles and equipment with scientific techniques and engineering practices in their field. At the same time, the rail systems engineer ensures the preparation of the projects by establishing the relations between the systems.

The rail systems engineer also provides the installation of systems such as elevators and cable cars in line with the training he received. Rail systems engineer who can operate these systems also take part in the construction of buildings created in rail systems. Mechanical engineers who specialize in rail systems undertake important work in their fields. In addition, important studies on rail systems are also carried out.

What Does a Rail Systems Engineer Do?

The duty and working area of ​​the rail systems engineer is quite wide. Rail systems engineer continues to work in line with the training he received. Among the duties of the rail system engineers, who are able to design, plan the production of all kinds of rail vehicles and equipment, and establish inter-system relations;

  • To be involved in all processes in the preparation phase of projects,
  • To have knowledge in this field at a level that will contribute to the ground survey study,
  • Contributing to feasibility studies,
  • Contributing to the transportation plan,
  • Creating periodic maintenance plans and ensuring the healthy progress of these plans,
  • To organize repair work when necessary,
  • Having information about reporting and giving feedback.

How to Become a Rail Systems Engineer?

A certain training is required to become a rail systems engineer. For this, one can graduate from the Rail Systems Engineering department, especially within the four-year Engineering Faculty of the universities. At the same time, graduates of Mechanical Engineering can complete their education in Rail Systems Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

To become a rail systems engineer, courses such as computer-aided technical drawing, rail systems vehicle mechanics and transportation technology should be taken. Because after learning the basics of rail systems engineering, training on subjects such as patent and industrial design can be obtained. After receiving these trainings, very important places are reached in the profession.

Which Trainings Are Required to Become a Rail Systems Engineer?

The railway network is a sector that is developing at full speed in our country and there is a need for specialized personnel. Among the trainings that should be taken to become a rail systems engineer;

  • Fundamentals of Rail Systems Engineering
  • Computer Aided Technical Drawing
  • Rail Systems Vehicle Mechanics
  • Transport Technology and Economy
  • Patent and Industrial Design
  • Subjects such as Plumbing Systems and Design.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of the Rail Systems Engineer?

Rail systems engineers have very important duties and responsibilities. Engineers working in an important area in the transportation system must work diligently at every stage of these projects. It is necessary to pay attention to the project and applicability of rail systems that directly affect human safety. In particular, rail systems engineers, who are the architects of these projects, should undertake a detailed study in every field. The order of these rail systems, which have an important place in transportation for them, should also be ensured.

Rail systems engineer, who conducts ground survey studies correctly, should collect data that will contribute to the studies in this field. Rail systems engineers, who also plan the periodic maintenance of rail systems, determine at what intervals maintenance and repair work will be carried out. After the area where the rail systems will be built is selected, a feasibility study is carried out by the rail systems engineers. It is also very important to conclude and report this feasibility study.

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