This Electric Model of Volkswagen to Replace Passat

this electric model of volkswaga will replace the passatin
this electric model of volkswaga will replace the passatin

📩 20/12/2020 11:32

ID.Vizzion was added to Volkswagen's models developed within the scope of electrification strategy. This model, which is aimed to be launched in 2023, will replace the Passat. ID.Vizzion will be able to travel 700 km with a 10-minute charge while offering a range of 230 km to its user.

German automotive giant Volkswagen announced its goal of producing 2023 million electric cars in 1 at the end of 2019. In fact, the brand first showed this target as 2025 and then brought it to a more recent history.

The brand announced its electric models with the new model name, called ID. While ID.3 will replace the most preferred Golf model of the group today, ID.4 entered the product range as an electric crossover.

Another electric Volkswagen model, ID.Vizzion, will replace the Volkswagen Passat, which is also very popular and preferred in our country.

ID Vision
ID Vision

With the addition of ID.3 and ID.Vizzion to the product range and their launch, it is not known whether the production of Golf and Passat models will end, but statements have been made stating that the group will not give up Golf.

According to the information given by the ID.Vizzion brand, it will have a range of 700 km. The car will also offer a range of 10 km with a 230-minute charge. Volkswagen aims to use 84 kWh batteries in this car to reach this range.

The design of ID.Vizzion is quite different from conventional cars. The car, which has a design language resembling the models designed as a concept, is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Also, if you look at the ID family models, most of the models that have emerged so far have the same design line.

ID Vision
ID Vision

When the ID.Vizzion model was first introduced as a concept version, all the attention was on a cockpit without a steering wheel. This is how the Volkswagen brand emphasized that this model will also have autonomous driving technology. However, the model, which is planned to be produced serially in 2023, will show whether it has a steering wheel or without a revenue steering wheel.

ID.Vizzion seems to make a name for itself with the range it offers, its future-proof design and its replacement for the Passat. (Sözcü)

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