TransportationPark Saves 3 Million TL with Bus Spare Parts

Transportation has saved million TL with the bus parts it produced.
Transportation has saved million TL with the bus parts it produced.

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark A.Ş., which works day and night to provide a fast, healthy and safe transportation service to citizens in Kocaeli. Instead of buying the spare parts of the buses it uses, it produces it itself. TransportationPark A.Ş. Thanks to the bus parts produced domestically and nationally, it has saved 3 million TL in 3 years.


In recent years, Turkey's push forward his domestic and national Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality from affiliates ulaşımpark Inc. also participated. It turned its Mechanic Workshop into a Production Center because of the high cost and supply time of filters, casing, door, wick, hose, bumper and many body parts used in parking buses. The parts that were supplied from abroad were 3 million 987 thousand 693 TL, and as a result of the R&D studies of the TransportationPark engineers and technical teams, they produced 799 thousand 475 TL. With the parts produced locally and nationally within the scope of TransportationPark, 3 million 3 thousand 188 TL savings were achieved in 218 years. TransportationPark, which made such a meaningful work during the 12-18 December attitude investment and Turkish Goods week, became an exemplary and guiding institution in the use of domestic goods.


Thanks to this production and improvement carried out as the maintenance unit of the TransportationPark Bus Operations Directorate, savings were achieved by reducing the amount paid by half to minimum levels. Many different parts were produced, including the body parts on the outer parts, which are the most changing parts of the buses. Production of bumpers, side plates, engine filters, clutches, fuel hoses and some engine parts of buses was made. As a result of these research and development studies carried out by the engineers in the TransportationPark, many parts were produced domestically, saving both cost and time.


With the parts produced as a result of long-term R&D studies, the concept of waiting and time has been eliminated. TransportationPark A.Ş., which carries the transportation load of the city on its back. has accomplished a successful work by minimizing both time and cost in procuring parts. As a result of the fact that the ordered bus parts are abroad, high cost and long cargo waiting, a production study in this way was initiated. The domestic market, foreign markets, factories, industries and as a result of all the research the most appropriate, most cost-effective production where and how to do, how and where it was agreed built and production took place in Turkey. The company achieved great savings thanks to the parts that were produced with the support of the supplier industry organizations.


ulaşımpark belonging Beach Road Maintenance Garage employees in the workshop, part of the raw materials instead of buying parts from abroad buying from Turkey realizes its production from scratch. Some of the spare parts of the 336 buses are produced by the mechanic masters within the Transportationpark working in this workshop. The employees, who play a major role in the repair, also perform the revision of some parts.


Parts are produced, painted and assembled by the park maintenance workers. The parts supplied as a result of the production carried out are painted and assembled in Plajyolu garage. Incoming parts are also used as spare parts, in case of a need, taken from the warehouse.

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