TAI Continues Composites Supply to International Companies

tusas continues to supply composite to international companies
tusas continues to supply composite to international companies

While Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) develops original platforms that will shape the aviation industry of the future, it continues to produce composite components for the most preferred aircraft in the international market as an important company of the world's aviation ecosystem. TAI has manufactured and delivered metal panel and critical aircraft components of 500 aircraft for Gulfstream and 368 helicopters in total for Leonardo Helicopters.

TAI; In addition to AIRBUS and BOEING, it blends its workforce, experience and quality for brands that have an important place in the world aviation industry and undertakes the production and delivery of important components of new generation aircraft. In this context, it has produced a total of 2004 AW368 helicopters for Leonardo Helicopters, Italy's famous helicopter manufacturer company, since 139. TAI, which was also awarded the "Gold Logistics Award" by Gulfstream in 2016, completed the delivery of critical components for Gulfstream G650 aircraft, one of the world's most preferred business jets, for 47 aircraft, including 500 metal panels in each aircraft.

TUSAŞ, investing in the technology of the future with its new composite factory, which it plans to put into service by the end of 2020, aims to increase all its structural activities in the near future with the understanding of error-free production in the factory equipped with artificial intelligence elements.

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