High Number of Students Studying in Turkey Announced

the number of students enrolled in higher education approached to million
the number of students enrolled in higher education approached to million

The number of students in higher education in Turkey, while some were seen to most student's undergraduate education. Thus, the number of undergraduate students was recorded as 4 million 538 thousand 926.

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press examined the number of news reflected in the press about universities. According to the information compiled from Ajans Press digital press archive, it was determined that 118 thousand 35 news about universities were reflected in the press this year. With the COVID-19, which affected all things, while the universities switched to the online education model, the reflection of this on the media was 50 thousand 230 news.

According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from the data of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), the data on the number of students in associate degree, undergraduate and above has been announced. Thus, according to the statistics for the year 2019-2020, a total of 7 million 940 thousand 133 students were found to have higher education. While the highest number of students was undergraduate with 4 million 538 thousand 926, it was determined that there were 3 million 2 thousand 964 students in associate degree, 297 thousand 1 in master's degree and 101 thousand 242 in doctorate. The number of universities offering education in Turkey 129 state was recorded as 74 foundations and 4 of a total of 207 units to be upset Myo foundation.

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