Cooperation between Turkey and Northern Macedonia Railway Area

north macedonian delegation visited tcdd
north macedonian delegation visited tcdd

Republic of North Macedonia Railways Transport Inc. The delegation headed by Skopje General Manager Adnan Azizi visited TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun at his office on 17.12.2020. During his visit, Traction and Towing and Towing Vehicle Manager Sashko Angelovski and Public Relations Chief Albi Qamili accompanied the General Manager.

Turkey - Improving Cooperation Between North Macedonia

During the meeting with the North Macedonian delegation headed by RRNM General Manager Adnan Azizi, issues regarding the development of the railway sector between the two countries were discussed.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun at the meeting; "Which is the manifestation of the nature of the association between Turkey and Macedonia, and our countries in the years starting from the close relationship and collaboration before, especially the continuation in the railway area in the future, both Turkey and said he sincerely believed would lead to positive results in terms of Northern Macedonia. He drew attention to the importance of providing strong railways in the Balkans ”.

Stating that they want to make North Macedonia's strong railway history suitable for today's railway conditions, General Manager Azizi said; "Cooperation with our Corporation for the development of railways is of great importance."

Following the bilateral meeting, the Delegations held a large-scale meeting to discuss technical details. During the meeting, what can be done to support the North Macedonian railway sector was discussed. Maintenance, education and technology transfer came to the fore as priority issues in the railway.

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