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iraq railways technical delegation tcddde
iraq railways technical delegation tcddde

A meeting was held between the delegation headed by the General Director of Iraqi Railways and TCDD on 10.12.2020 at the Ankara Behiç Erkin Meeting Hall. TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Heads of Departments, Regional Directors and officials and Iraqi Railways (IRR) General Manager Talib Jawad Kadhim Aboqasem, Ministerial Advisor, former IRR General Manager Salam Jabur Salloom Alabbas, Planning Manager Mohammed Habeeb Jebur Albalwi, Projects Manager Fadhil Abbas Mohsin Al-Abboodi, Civil Engineering Manager Anwar Subhi Abed Alqaisi, Mechanical Engineering Manager Khalid Abbood Jebur Al-Okbi, Operations Manager Mohammed Falih Mohsin Al-Sudani, International Transport Manager Sabah Hadi Azeez Al-Wassade and Hasan Salam Jebur Alabbas.

During the meeting with the Iraqi delegation headed by Iraqi Railways (IRR) General Manager Talib Jawad Kadhim, who made a technical visit to our organization, direct railway connection between the two countries was the main agenda item.

TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate, which is the manifestation of the nature of the association between Turkey and Iraq, and in particular railway area starting close relations and co-operation many years ago between our countries to continue in the future, both Turkey and said he sincerely believed would lead to positive results in terms of Iraq.

Reaffirming his personal belief that the positive results of this project will become more permanent with the establishment of stability and security in our region, Uygun stated that the development of our cooperation with Iraq in this field will create a great added value in international transportation activities and regional development in terms of providing resource and route diversity.

Available also in Turkey - Iraq must direct rail link between Iraq, Turkey will need to allow all stakeholders and to provide a highly efficient and effective collaboration opportunities by bringing together regional actors in the same denominator, he said.

Iraq is Railway General Manager I Kadhim, the long years of conflict, because about 60% of damaged Iraqi railway network of the 20% of rehabilitating that, especially by expressing that they have completed 70% of the improvement works on the railway line towards Turkey that will connect even with Turkey He stated that a direct railway line is also of great importance for Iraq. Iraq and stressed that Turkey has a strategic importance both in terms of the connection between Turkey said that in this direction Rabiyy Station nearest border with Turkey, made a 45-km route through the preliminary design. He stated that the aforementioned route could also be connected to the Southern Corridor coming through Iran, providing a direct railway connection with the Persian Gulf, and would constitute an important alternative to the highway, especially in terms of oil products transportation.

After exchanging information at the level of technical teams and maturing the direct connection project, the parties who agreed to meet again to take the necessary steps for the project and made good wishes.



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