Turkish Photographers Received Awards in ASE Photo Awards-2020 International Photo Contest

turkish photographers received awards in the ase photo awards international photography competition
turkish photographers received awards in the ase photo awards international photography competition

The ASE Photo Awards-2020 International Photography Contest, organized by the engineering unit of the Rosatom State Corporation, ended with the award ceremony held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, in December and the winners were announced. between award winning photographers took place three participants from Turkey.

The best photographers selected by the jury and the names of their works were announced live.

Competition among the participants, in which the nuclear power plant projects based on Russian technology in Bangladesh, India, China, Egypt, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, has been involved in professional and amateur photographers from countries such as Russia.

The traditional competition was held in six categories this year: "My Country", "Fixed Square", "Dialogue with Nature", "We Are What We Eat", "Portrait" and "The Atom Near Us". Photographers sent their work on the life and cultural wealth of their own countries, the national identity and social and economic characteristics of the countries in which Rosatom operates, and also showed the good neighborhood of people, nature and nuclear technologies.

Photo Awards-2020 ASEAN contest attended more than 400 photographers and Turkey, took 3rd place in terms of the number of applicants.

Turkish photographers Alpay Erdem (Istanbul) came first in the "My Country" and "Atom Near Us" categories, respectively, with his work "Ottoman" and Kayhan Güç (Istanbul) with his work "My Country". Zehra Çöplü (Istanbul) took the third place in the "Fixed Square" branch with her work "Flyboard". In 3, a total of 2020 people were awarded in the ASE International Photo Awards photo contest.

Turkish photographers who won awards in the contest explained their work:

Alpay Erdem: “Whatever the conditions are, the photographer must be perfect and do his best in a few hours of shooting. Some frames are born directly in the flow of life and it is never possible to repeat them to get a better quality frame. "

Zehra Çöplü: “The hardest thing is to maintain a high level of sensitivity towards the outside world and yourself. I believe a photographer has to work devotedly on their ideas to thrive. the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia in Turkey from the ruins of Nimrod, the ancient Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Pamukkale pools, Sumela Monastery, there are many beautiful places to take pictures up to the Bosphorus and many more places. You'll never tire of drawing and photograph to travel in Turkey. "

The online format of the awards ceremony allowed anyone to watch the event, regardless of location and time zone.

During the live broadcast, the winning participants contacted the host of the ceremony and greeted all the audience.

The organizers of the photo contest said: “In 2020, 1.327 entries were submitted for the contest, which is much higher than in previous years. We admire the talent of photography artists and their ability to see the beauty of the world around us. We hope to see more exhibitors and photos at the ASE Photo Awards in 2021. ”

The winners of the competition were rewarded with a trip to Russia, which will be held as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted. There will also be an exhibition of winning photographers in one of Russia's best museums.

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