Bursa Becomes a Model in Public Transportation Support

Bursa becomes a model in public transportation support
Bursa becomes a model in public transportation support

Communities all private buses (TOHOB) President Ercan Kinsman, special public bus to the subsidy practice in Turkey is simply done by the Municipality of Bursa Metropolitan specifying, he said this model they are trying to spread to all provinces. Soydaş thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş for the support provided to private public bus tradesmen, especially during the pandemic process.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works such as roads, bridges, intersections, new rail system lines and rail system signalization optimization in order to make Bursa a more accessible city, also sets an example with its works for the integration of urban public transportation vehicles. The Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the problem of people with disabilities and citizens over the age of 65 who benefit from public transportation free of charge as required by law, provided 2.82 TL per person boarding support to private public buses for citizens using free transportation. In this way, while private public buses did not experience any economic losses due to free boarding, the problems experienced by the disabled and citizens over the age of 65 when getting on private public buses were eliminated. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality provided support of approximately 70 million TL to the busman tradesmen with applications such as fuel support and boarding support per person during the pandemic process, where the use of public transportation decreased up to 80-40 percent from time to time.

Applied only in Bursa

Ercan Soydaş, the President of the All Private Public Buses Association (TÖHOB), together with the members of the administrative institution, visited the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, due to the Metropolitan Municipality's support for the bus drivers. Stating that they explained the support provided to the tradesmen in public transportation in Bursa as an example in all the provinces they visited, Soydaş said, “This issue is partly related to the goodwill of the mayors. Because it is an important skill to know, see and find solutions to the problems of tradesmen. As Bursa, we strive for the popularization of the model you have implemented in public transportation. You know our problems very well. Finding solutions across Turkey at the point we implore your support. Our tradesmen are happy in Bursa. We hope that this model spread to Turkey, "he said.

We will overcome the difficulties together

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş emphasized that transportation is the main agenda of all cities, especially metropolitan cities, and that it is the most important issue they are working on in Bursa. Time in public transport kazanExpressing that there are certain rights that have been granted, Chairman Aktaş said, “There are different types of tools and different working models within the framework of these rights. We are making efforts to establish standardization in these and to establish a fair method by integrating them with the districts. We show our support so that our tradesmen do not suffer, even during periods when the numbers drop very seriously. We act completely within the framework of fairness and in accordance with the law. Our hope is that the application will spread to the whole of Turkey. It's a difficult time when the numbers have dropped seriously. There are already no passengers on restricted and prohibited days. On days when there is no ban, there is a decrease of up to 70-80%. We have implemented certain practices in order to spend difficult times together. Our aim is to make Bursa more accessible with our private public buses. I would like to thank our tradesmen who supported the process," he said.

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