Ministry of Commerce to Recruit 60 Assistant Trade Experts

Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce

In order to be appointed to the 8th and 9th degree cadres in the General Administrative Services Class at the Ministry of Trade, Trade Specialists will be recruited in the following areas and numbers with the entrance examination.

The entrance exam will be held in two stages, written and oral.

For the written exam, candidates up to 20 times the quota number will be invited according to the order of success from the KPSS score type specified for each section listed below. All candidates who have equal points with the candidate in the last row will be invited to the written exam.

the ministry of trade will make a trade assistant specialist recruit

Exam application date and method

Exam applications are available from our Ministry's corporate website between 18/12/2020 - 28/12/2020 ( isApplications that are not made electronically within the period specified in the announcement will not be taken into consideration. Candidates will be able to apply for only one of these departments.

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