Tips for the Perfect New Year's Makeup

The puff points of christmas makeup
The puff points of christmas makeup

This year, the new year will be entered in homes due to the epidemic. Giz Kozmetik Makeup Artists shared the tips of the perfect New Year's make-up for those who want to feel good this New Year's Eve at home and enter the new year with a wonderful make-up.

Restaurants and entertainment venues will be closed this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Giz cosmetics make-up artists shared their make-up suggestions that will make women feel special at home on this New Year's Eve.

Giz Kozmetik Make-up Artists, who said that because we will be at our homes on New Year's Eve, make-up can be done freely with the comfort of not using a mask, and made the following suggestions:

“In order to have a bright and glamorous look, which is among the makeup trends of 2021, you can choose colored blushes and products that will make you look healthy this New Year. You can reflect the spirit of Christmas on your face with this glitter created on the cheeks. You can accompany the atmosphere of the night by using Isabelle Dupont Mineral Blusher Terracotta blush. To create a striking effect on the eyes, you should prefer metallic colors instead of matte headlights. You can have an assertive look in your eye makeup with Isabelle Dupont Headlight Wise Metals Eyeshadow. You can catch the makeup trends of 1 early by choosing Isabelle Dupont Reformist Mascara 5 Direct +2021 Perfect for voluminous eyelashes to accompany the metallic shadow. For lip products that will accompany the assertive eye make-up, you can prefer bright lipgloss instead of the classic red lipstick. With Isabelle Dupont Dramatic Shine Lipgloss, you will complete your glow on this special night and you will be the brightest star of the night. Being at home this year does not mean that we will spend the night dull. no woman should lose her shine on this special night… "

Isabelle Dupont Mineral Blusher Terracotta

Baked minerals in its formula create a light and healthy appearance on your skin. It is easily dispersed with its silky structure. With its luminous and nacreous finish options, your healthy glowing skin will increase your energy. Thanks to its long-lasting formula and moisturizing content, it provides a refreshed and vibrant appearance at all times.

Isabelle Dupont Eyeshadow Wise Metals Eyeshadow Rose Gold

Metallic liquid eyeshadow with intense pigmentation and creamy texture. With its liquid formula and applicator that provides easy application, it gives an intense metallic color in one move. 3D metallic color pigments provide deep reflective effect to your eyes. It is applied smoothly thanks to its silky texture. It does not weigh on with its light formula. It creates a long-lasting, metallic, shiny look on your eyes. Thanks to its liquid structure, it provides full coverage on the eyelid and easily reflects the metallic effect you want. It is fastened to the eyelid and does not flow. Its special formula does not allow streaking and clumping.

Isabelle Dupont Reformist Mascara 1 Direct +5 Perfect

Resize your lashes with 5 different effects in one mascara… Look extraordinary with 70% more voluminous eyelashes! 5 different features Get ready for a completely different experience with the reformist mascara offering 5 different effects in one mascara! Resize your lashes and see the difference! It almost recreates your eyelashes with its brush designed to reach every eyelash. Its special formula covers the lashes and gives extraordinary curl and volume. It does not cause clumping, flowing or smearing on the eyelashes.

Isabelle Dupont Dramatic Shine Lipgloss

While giving an irresistible shine to your lips, it also makes lips look voluminous and plump. Lip Gloss for glamorous glossy lips With 2 different finish options, you can get an intense shimmering or pearlescent glossy look. It does not leave a sticky feeling on your lips and moisturizes. It gives intense color with its ultra pigmented structure. You can reach the color intensity you want with its structure that can be applied in layers. You are at the right place for smooth lips that shine and shine as you wish. It can be applied alone or over lipstick.

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