GUHEM Becomes the Agenda of the 'One Cure Space' Program

The only care space program's day became guhem
The only care space program's day became guhem

Turkey's first space-themed center, Gökmen Aerospace Education Center (GUHE), who served in the Turkish NASA scientist Dr. It was discussed in the program "Tek Care Space" presented by Umut Yıldız and Damla Pekgöz.

Halit Mirahmetoğlu, General Manager of GUHEM, which was implemented under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in cooperation with TÜBİTAK and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Youtube He gave information about the center in the "Tek Çare Uzay" program broadcast on Saturday every week. Expressing that GUHEM was put into practice with the vision of BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay in 2013, Mirahmetoğlu stated that there are nearly 15 mechanisms in 160 different themes in the center. Mirahmetoğlu said that GUHEM will host its visitors in the upcoming period as the impact of the epidemic decreases.


Halit Mirahmetoğlu stated that there is a simulator in GUHEM where walking on the moon can be done exactly, and said: “All kinds of activities related to aviation and space are held in this center. A child and young person coming here can spend days. The center, which has an area of ​​13 thousand square meters, consists of 2 floors. The first floor is based on aviation. In the simulators here, you will be able to experience one-to-one aircraft handling. We teach how to operate a fully mobile civilian aircraft. Space theme is handled on the second floor. We have a very special elevator. The elevator counts down and simulates the launch. The 'International Space Station' welcomes you on the second floor. In this episode, what do astronauts drink, what do they eat, how do they sleep, how do they do sports in space? We will explain these to our visitors in this section. Our goal is to bring many national and international events to Bursa with GUHEM. kazanto climb We want GUHEM to become a brand.”


Turkish scientist Dr. Star of Hope, a center like that is very exciting to express my GUHE of passing life in Turkey, "impossible not to be affected from the center. Not only Bursa, Turkey from all over our children and our youth should visit this place. Families should also examine this place. Because although children grow up with aerospace and aviation, they can choose other professions by staying under the influence of the family when it comes time to choose a department after the university exam. Families are not able to direct young people correctly because they do not know much about space and aviation. I was very impressed by GUHEM's presentation. You can experience the practices we currently live in the USA there personally. A great job has been done. I would like to thank everyone who made this project come true. " used the expressions.


Damla Pekgöz, on the other hand, expressed that they want to hold a part of the 'One Remedy Space' program in GUHEM, “GUHEM impressed me a lot. We learned that there are different areas of experience here. I'm so excited. New horizons for children and young people of this center kazanI believe he will.” he said.

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