TCDD Employees Breathe the Future on the World Disabled Day

tcdd employees, the world was a breath of the future in the day of the disabled
tcdd employees, the world was a breath of the future in the day of the disabled

TCDD employees planted trees en masse with the participation of General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun. Many employees, civil servants, engineers, and managers in management positions participated in the event organized in the area around Ankara Eryaman High Speed ​​Train Station on December 3, 2020 as part of the World Disabled Day. Special employees Züleyha Bayraktar and Süreyya Açıkgöz, who were working in the central unit of the Institution, contributed to the “TCDD Eryaman Grove” which was created by planting trees.

In his speech during the event, General Manager Uygun emphasized that planting trees and arranging the environment is the most important tradition of railroaders and said, “As railroaders coming from such a tradition, we continue our afforestation activities all over our country under the name of TCDD Woods. We are bringing thousands of saplings to the soil and contributing to nature and our cities in the "Breath to the Future" campaign held under the auspices of our Esteemed President. " made the statement.

Uygun said, “As TCDD employees, on a significant date like December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities; We are presenting the Eryaman Grove, which we will plant shoulder to shoulder and heart, to our future generations. With the works of our Railway Maintenance Department, we will bring millions of trees to the homeland, which will develop our activity, where we planted 500 trees in the first place, with TCDD Woods that we will create in many different cities.

As a railroad driver, I would like to thank you, dear colleagues, for participating in our activity with a passion for trees and greenery. I would also like to express my gratitude to my dear colleagues Züleyha Bayraktar and Ms. Süreyya Açıkgöz, whom I am honored to serve together. We are a very big family and we are beautiful together. With these feelings, I wish Eryaman Grove to be auspicious for our country and city, and I thank my colleagues for their efforts. " said.

The railroaders brought together 500 trees with the soil.

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