TCDD 2020/2 GCC Meeting was held

TCDD KIK Meeting Was Held
TCDD KIK Meeting Was Held

TCDD 2020/2 KİK Meeting was held at the General Directorate of TCDD with the participation of General Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen and Institution Managers.

TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmail Çağlar and Related Heads of Departments, General Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen President Kenan Çalışkan and Vice Presidents Mehmet Yıldırım and İbrahim Uslu attended the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Institution. In the meeting, demands of General Authorized Union Transport Officer-Sen for civil servant employees were discussed.

The items discussed at the TCDD 2020/2 JCC Meeting are as follows;

1- Conversion of the heating system of the lodgings in Kayseri Gar to natural gas.

2- Making the Protection and Security Directorate of the Directorate of Protection and Security in İzmir Alsancak and Haydarpaşa Port Management Directorates.

3- Road maintenance and repair managers are included in the second degree manager class because they also perform the technical tasks in the clauses I, L and R in article 105 of the general order No. 13.

- Ensuring that the regulations regarding the EST personnel included in the Muulga 1601 General Order are also included in the General Order No. 105.

4- Making Line Maintenance and Repair Officers of the Road and Access Control Officers who have the necessary conditions

5- Opening a kindergarten for the children of the General Directorate and the 2nd Region personnel.

6- Revision of TCDD Public Housing Directive. Ensuring the unity of implementation in the Center and Provincial Housing allocations.

7- To organize seminars at TCDD Arsuz training and rest camp during the opening and closing periods of the camp in order to increase the morale and motivation of the disabled personnel.

8- Opening of the Comprehensive Promotion and Title Change exam. (Bureau Chief, Engineer, Technician, Assistant Service Manager, Protection Security Manager (Provincial), Protection Security Chief, Warehouse Chief (for Ports), and other titles to be requested.)

9- Making job descriptions in accordance with the expertise of the Engineers working in our institution.

10- Opening a wide-ranging electronic transfer by taking into account personnel transfer requests throughout the entire organization and closing the active personnel gap by recruiting personnel.

11- Appointment of personnel working in the auxiliary services class as distributors according to their educational status.

12- Obtaining Complementary Health Insurance for All Personnel.

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