Support from Santa Farma to SosyalBen Foundation

support to the socialben foundation from santa farce
support to the socialben foundation from santa farce

Santa Farma purchased the colorful and perfumed socks specially designed for the foundation by the SocialBen Foundation 2020 Volunteer Ambassador Bensu Soral, and supported the work to be carried out to further develop the talents of SosyalBen Kids who had previously discovered their talents.

Turkey's 75 years of established domestic and Santa Farma pharmaceutical company, will continue to support social responsibility initiatives. For this purpose, Santa Farma supported the project by purchasing the colorful socks designed by SocialBen Foundation's 2020 Volunteer Ambassador Bensu Soral.

The perfumed socks designed by Soral in 3 different colors support SosyalBen Kids' progress from “Dream to Reality” and make a good alternative as a New Year's gift.

Supports disadvantaged children

SosyalBen Foundation aims to discover and develop the talents of children aged 7-13 living in disadvantaged areas In line with this purpose, it operates as a non-governmental organization of a new generation that will contribute to their personal development, conducting field and training activities at national and international levels.

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