Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street Will Relieve Istanbul Road Traffic

sultan abdulhamid han street will relieve Istanbul road traffic
sultan abdulhamid han street will relieve Istanbul road traffic

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay and Seljuk Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı examined Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street, which is being constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality.


Stating that they are carrying out important works to ease the traffic in Konya, Mayor Altay stated that when the new streets under construction are completed, a very important relief will occur in the city traffic. Noting that Sultan Abdülhamid Han Avenue will be an important street that will reduce traffic on Istanbul Road, Mayor Altay said, “In the first stage, works are carried out on an area of ​​4,5 kilometers. Thus, the works in the area up to Beyhekim Street and Keçili Canal continue with full intensity. On the other hand, KOSKİ held the tender for the channel between Sille Road and Keçili Canal. We are making an arrangement on the channel. Thus, on both sides of the channel, we have revealed the connection roads that will connect this street. Hopefully in the middle of 2021, we will have completed Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street, which will connect Beyhekim Street and Sille Road. Thus, a new arrangement will come to the traffic flow between Seljuk, Meram and Karatay. Good luck to our city. " used the expressions.

It will provide more comfortable transportation

Seljuk Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı said, “We are making serious plans for the transportation of our city. With the investment made by our Metropolitan Municipality, I hope we have formed an important main axis not only for our Seljuks but also for our Konya. Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street will be a very important main axis connecting Seljuk and Meram, from Beyhekim District to Meram Faculty of Medicine and Köyceğiz region. Good luck already. " said.

Sultan Abdülhamid Han Street, which will have a total length of 14.5 kilometers with its bicycle path, sidewalks, median and asphalt, and a road width of 20 meters, will cost 68 million lira excluding expropriation and infrastructure investments.

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