A statue named after Adile Naşit was erected in a park in Buca

statue was erected in the park bearing the name of nasitin in bucada
statue was erected in the park bearing the name of nasitin in bucada

Buca Adile Naşit Park, which was renovated by the Emergency Solution teams of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was reopened with the statue of the artist it bears. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality attended the opening ceremony of the statue held on the anniversary of the artist's death. Tunç Soyer and Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, as well as children whom the artist called 'my lambs'.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer Emergency Solution teams, which were formed to respond to the needs of the neighborhoods in a short time and supported by the district municipalities, completely renovated Adile Naşit Park in the İnönü District of Buca. A statue of the artist whose name he bears was also erected in the renovated park. It was inaugurated on the anniversary of the death of Adile Naşit, the unforgettable artist of Yeşilçam.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, CHP Buca District President Hacer Taş, CHP Konak District President Çağrı Grushçu thanked Mayor Soyer for his interest in the problems of the neighborhoods at the ceremony attended by headmen and neighborhood residents.

The statue with the inscription "Your lambs will never forget you" is the President Tunç Soyerwas opened by Erhan Kılıç and 7-year-old Murat Akyüz. Soyer and Kılıç walked around the park for a while and examined the renovation works in the park.

What was done in the park?

Emergency Solution teams renewed the walking path around Adile Naşit Park's playgrounds and basketball court with cast rubber. The iron railings of the basketball court have been removed and repaired in length. The teams also renewed the on-site lighting projector group. The stairway steps of the tree-lined road section of Adile Naşit Park were rearranged. In the area where the game groups were also renewed, the traffic was raised with curbstone to prevent soil overflow on the existing walls. The walls of the park and the transformer unit were also painted. Drip irrigation line and landscape works were also carried out in the park.

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