Soyer's Statement of Smyrna Ancient Theater in World Press

Soyerin Smyrna Ancient Theater Explanation World Press
Soyerin Smyrna Ancient Theater Explanation World Press

The statements of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer about Smyrna Ancient Theater made a tremendous impact in the world press. Le Figaro, one of the leading newspapers of France, gave the words of President Soyer, "We will celebrate the 2023th anniversary of our Republic in 100 with an extraordinary concert here".

Le Figaro, one of the leading newspapers of France, gave the words of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer about Smyrna Ancient Theater. In the news published on the Culture page, it was stated that President Tunç Soyer wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic in this ancient theater. Underlining the words of Gazete President Soyer's that İzmir will win a new Ephesus with the emergence of the ancient theater of 21 thousand people, he said to his readers, “In the great archaeological site of Ephesus in the south of the region, another ancient theater with a capacity of 24 thousand is located. is taking ”gave the information.

President Soyer's “Izmir Antique Theater has become one of the biggest theaters of the Mediterranean between the second and fourth centuries BC as the socio-cultural center of the Old Smyrna city. What made it dazzling was that it was built so that it could see the entire Gulf, ”the report said:

“The rebirth of the theater after 500 years of sleep has been recorded as part of the city's major restoration and transformation project covering the Kemeraltı Bazaar-Agora and Kadifekale axis. According to the Mayor of Izmir, "it is very important to bring the ancient theater to light on this route". Predicting that the Agora and this new place will contribute 'to the identity of the city', Soyer added, “When the process is completed, İzmir will gain a new place for the shows”. In this historical region, the project of transforming Kemeraltı-Agora-Kadifekale into an attraction center for tourists by making it look like 1895 has been going on for many years.

Excavation continues

President Soyer visited the excavation site last week, and Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University Faculty Member and Smyrna Ancient City Excavation Director Assoc. Dr. He had received information from Akın Ersoy. In his statement here, Soyer said that 16 rows of seats were unearthed on the east side of the three-tier audience section of the theater, seven backstage spaces and service corridors in the stage building.

Smyrna Ancient City excavations are supported within the scope of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Excavations continue on the stage of the ancient theater.



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