Is There A Travel Ban? Who Can Travel Under Curfew?

Is there a travel ban, will any intercity travel restrictions be applied?
Is there a travel ban, will any intercity travel restrictions be applied?

📩 01/12/2020 15:04

With the Circular of the Turkish Ministry of Interior dated 30.11.2020 and numbered E-89780865-153-20076 on Curfew Restrictions, managing the risk posed by the Coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order, ensuring social isolation, protecting the physical distance and the rate of spread of the disease In order to keep it under control, new restrictions in the annex will be applied as of Tuesday, 01.12.2020.

Intercity travels will be permitted in compulsory situations specified in the period and days of curfews under the relevant restrictions. The relevant mandatory situations are regulated in the 3 and 3.1 articles of the circular.

3. Intercity travels will be permitted during the periods and days (to be applied on weekdays and weekends) in the following mandatory situations.

3.1. Conditions to be Considered as Compulsory Conditions;

  • Who is discharged from the hospital where he is treated and wants to return to his original residence, who has been referred with a doctor's report and / or previously received a doctor appointment / control,
  • To attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, deceased first-degree relative or brother or to accompany the funeral transfer (maximum 4 people),
  • Those who have come to the city they are in in the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay but want to return to their place of residence (those who submit their travel ticket, vehicle license plate, other documents showing their travel, information and information),
  • Those who will attend the exams announced by ÖSYM and other central exams,
  • Who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements,
  • An invitation letter for private or public daily contract,
  • Released from penal institutions,

In the presence of the above-mentioned situations, our citizens will be able to travel by public transportation or through the EBAŞVURU and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or by applying directly to the Governorship / District Governorates by obtaining permission from the Travel Permit Boards.

3.2. Intercity travels of people who do not carry the above-mentioned excuses will only be possible by using public transportation vehicles (plane, bus, train, ship, etc.). The officials of the public transportation vehicles that document their business status and the ticket, reservation code etc. that they will travel intercity. Submitting with the certificate will be exempt from the curfew.

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