Strike Decision at SAMULAŞ!

strike decision in samulasta
strike decision in samulasta

There was no compromise between the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement between SAMULAŞ, in which Samsun Metropolitan Municipality holds a 99 percent share, and the Railway Work Union. Railway Work Union Sivas Branch President Murat Kütük came to Samsun, held a press conference and announced his decision to strike.

Despite the good intentions of our union and all our employees, the collective bargaining negotiations between Kütük, Railway Business and SAMULAŞ, which will be valid from 1 July, could not be understood at the table, and all good dialogue ways were tried but no result. For this reason, a strike decision, which is our legal right, was taken on 30 November 2020. The strike implementation date will be announced later, ”he said.

Addressing the people of Samsun, Murat Kütük, Head of the Sivas Branch of the Railway Work Union, said, “Dear Samsun residents; SAMULAŞ employees carry you people of Samsun and leave their homes at 04.00:12 every day and serve you for 13-4 hours a day. During the pandemic process, they served the precious people of Samsun day and night without caring about the disease, and during this period, they received XNUMX months of short work allowance and they never complained.

They served Samsun and SAMULAŞ with the highest degree of sacrifice. They did this with a salary just above the minimum wage. All of Turkey in the minimum number of employees in the tram and metro organizations have carried out a minimum wage. As a result, the Metropolitan Mayor paid a lot of money to take a breath. They have left us no other way than the strike, which is our legal right. Nevertheless, we believe that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality will review his decision and acknowledge our employees. If the strike starts, trams and buses belonging to SAMULAŞ will not work until President Demir hears our voice. “The statement found.



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