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Supports to be given to businesses affected by the epidemic kazandi

The Decision on Support for Tradesmen and Craftsmen and Real Person Merchants due to the Coronavirus Outbreak has been published. Stating that within the scope of the decision, grant support was brought for many tradesmen, craftsmen and real person merchants whose businesses and businesses were damaged. Burcu Kırçıl announced the necessary obligations to benefit from the grant support.

The "Decision on the Support to be Given to Craftsmen and Craftsmen and Real Person Traders Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic", prepared for tradesmen, craftsmen and real person traders whose businesses or businesses have been damaged due to the coronavirus epidemic, is published in the Official Gazette dated 23.12.2020 and numbered 31343. kazanwas. Making a statement about the decision taken, Kırçıl Law Firm Founder and Manager Atty. Burcu Kırçıl said that in accordance with the decision, grant support will be provided free of charge by the Ministry of Commerce, and within the scope of the support, within the framework of the programs to be prepared by the Ministry, direct grants and/or rental support will be given to artisans, craftsmen and real person merchants.

Direct Grant and Lease Support

The "Communiqué on Grant Support Program and Implementation Principles to be Given due to the Coronavirus Epidemic", which was prepared by the Ministry of Commerce on the basis of authorization, was published in the Official Gazette dated 24.12.2020 and numbered 31344 and entered into force. kazanSaying that, Atty. Burcu Kırçıl stated that within the scope of the communiqué, grant support will be provided in two ways: "income loss support" and "rent support". Hunting. Burcu Kırçıl said that the duration of the support program was determined as three months, January, February and March of 2021, provided that the applications are made within the period specified in the announcement made on the website of the Ministry, and stated that “Article 5 of the Communiqué titled 'income support' regulated the grant support. . Pursuant to this article, in accordance with article 193 of the Income Tax Law No. 46, commercial kazanA total of 1.000 Turkish Liras, 3.000 Turkish Liras per month, will be provided to income taxpayers, tax-exempt tradesmen, and tradesmen and craftsmen and real person traders, all of which are determined in a 'simple procedure'. In Article 6, titled rent support, it is stated that real persons who can benefit from income loss support will be provided with 750-TL monthly rent support in places where the metropolitan municipalities are located, and 500-TL per month in other places, if the workplaces where they carry out their main activities according to their tax registry records. If the rental fee of the workplace is below the rental support amount, the rental support will be paid as much as the workplace rental amount. said.

Stating that the most important issues within the scope of the support program are the application process, evaluation and payment, Av. Burcu Kırçıl stated that these issues were regulated with the published Communiqué and continued his statements as follows:

Who Can Benefit From the Support Program?

From the support program, who have established their tax liability before 14/12/2020, kazanTradesmen and craftsmen and real person merchants, whose internal affairs are determined in a simple way, operating in the sectors determined by the Ministry, and tax-exempt tradesmen registered in the tradesmen and craftsmen registry as of this date will be able to benefit.

Which Sectors Can Benefit?

The economic activity definitions of the tradesmen and craftsmen and real person merchants who can apply to the support program will be announced on the Ministry's website before the application date, and there will be no written announcements. Those who change the definition of economic activity for their commercial activities after the announcement made by the Ministry will not be able to benefit from the grant support.

How Many Times Can Support Be Used?

Commercial kazanThose who are determined in a simple way, tradesmen and craftsmen and real person merchants can benefit from the grant support only once, based on the main activity in the tax registry records. If there is more than one workplace where the support applicants continue their activities and pay rent, the applicants can benefit from the rental support for a workplace.

Can Inactive People Benefit?

The taxpayer should continue actively during the periods in which the grant support is benefited. If it is understood that the applicant is inactive, no support payments are made to these people.

Is it an obstacle to benefit from another support program?
Benefiting from similar supports provided by other public institutions and organizations does not constitute an obstacle to benefiting from this support program.

Application, evaluation, objections and payment

  • Support applications and objections electronically done through the internet address. The application and its attached undertaking are approved electronically by the applicant.
  • The Ministry may assign duties and authorizations to other institutions and organizations and their provincial organizations with which protocols have been signed regarding the application, evaluation, acceptance, payment, application and other processes regarding the implementation of the support program.
  • Those who apply for rent support are asked to declare the monthly rental fee of the workplace they apply for, the open address and the identity information of the person who rented the workplace. Rent support payments are not made to those who do not make a declaration.
  • The support program application period is determined by the Ministry, not less than ten days. The rejected applications can be appealed to the General Directorate of Tradesmen, Craftsmen and Cooperatives within ten days from the date of rejection. This objection is concluded within five working days from the date of receipt of the objection application to the General Directorate and the relevant person is answered.
  • If the support application is found suitable, the support payment is made to the relevant bank account.

Hunting. Burcu Kırçıl added that with the Communiqué dated 24.12.2020, the details of the support program were published, and that the Ministry was authorized to determine the application procedures and principles regarding the matters set out in this notification, to give instructions regarding the implementation, to examine and conclude the force majeure, special and compulsory cases and disputes that may arise in practice. .

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