The Future of the Healthcare Sector Assessed at the 11th Joint Solution Meeting in Health

The future of the healthcare industry was evaluated at joint solution meetings in health
The future of the healthcare industry was evaluated at joint solution meetings in health

Organized to evaluate changes and innovations in health with all stakeholders of the health sector, and to contribute to the health system with appropriate solutions to problems, the “11. Joint Solution Meetings in Health ”Health Minister Dr. It started with the opening session attended by Fahrettin Koca and the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

Organized by Private Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Association (OHSAD), '11. Joint Solution Meetings in Health 'Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Social Security Institution President İsmail Yılmaz, OHSAD Board Chairman Dr. Reşat Bahat and Private Hospitals Platform Association President Dr. Mehmet Altuğ and private, public and university hospitals, insurance companies and companies that provide products and services to the health sector started online with the Opening Session on December 17, 2020.

Attending the opening ceremony of the online congress with a video message, Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca stated that the importance of acting together and conducting the struggle together with the same goal against the pandemic is well understood. stating that he believes share the same objectives of the Sector Health Minister Fahrettin husband, "Our goal as a society that adoption of healthy lifestyles, where everyone is protected the right to health, to everyone's timely and quality health care in need is to have one in Turkey can be easily accessed. Our public and private health sector has assumed an important responsibility in the successful continuation of the fight against the pandemic. I am of the opinion that our health sector has passed a successful exam. The pandemic is not over yet and the threat it poses has not disappeared. We cannot let go of the measures yet. We cannot relax the vigilance in the field in our healthcare facilities. We must be prepared with a private hospital and a public hospital. Let's not abandon our optimism and hopes, but let's not neglect to be prepared. " said.

Saying that they also attach importance to health tourism, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, “We are trying to create a synergy in this field under the coordination of USHAŞ that we have established. We have a health system based on the understanding that public services are provided without discrimination between all health institutions and ownership. The public, especially city hospitals, brought a different dimension to the competition over the quality offered by private hospitals with hotel services. Especially if we take the level we have reached as a result of the contribution of private health institutions to health tourism with their own efforts, it will not be a dream to reach bigger goals together. " he spoke.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, also attended the opening session with a video message. Ministers Selcuk, non-governmental organizations to reduce the negative effects of the epidemic since the appearance of the first cases in Turkey and to protect citizens, trade unions, business, and they take the necessary measures as in continuous consultation with academics and taking also stressed that they continue. Underlining that they play an active role in the management of the epidemic as the Ministry with the applications and supports within the scope of the Social Protection Shield, Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said, “As the Ministry, we carry out our work under 4 titles as social assistance, social services, working life and social security. Within the framework of the Epidemic Social Support Program, we have provided close to 10 billion lira in cash. We also took the necessary measures in our social service organizations. We implement the measures very strictly and meticulously in order to protect the health of our citizens living in our women's guest houses, children's homes, disabled care and rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. In order to protect our employment, job, workers, workplaces and employers in working life, we have rapidly implemented our practices such as short-time work allowance, cash wage support, termination of employment and normalization support. In this context, we provided 36,3 billion lira for our employees. " He spoke in the form.

Minister Selçuk, in his speech, in which approximately one quarter of more than 1 million healthcare workers in the country are employed in private hospitals, stated that they provide employment support to the business lines that will serve in this field as the Ministry in addition to financing in the field of health, and on-the-job training programs, vocational training courses and entrepreneurship training through İŞKUR He also explained that they organize various active workforce programs.

Speaking at the opening session of the "11 Common Solutions for Healthcare Meetings", Social Security Institution President İsmail Yılmaz reminded that with the Social Security Reform, three institutions were united under one roof and serious gains were achieved in insurance, retirement and health, the most important parameter of the reform was the implementation of General Health Insurance. stated that. Yılmaz said, “In the new system established with the reform, access of all citizens to health services has been facilitated, and the rate of our citizens with health insurance increased from 70 percent to 99,5 percent. When compared to 2006, the number of active insured increased from 14 million to 55 million with an increase of 22 percent, and the number of retirees on file basis increased from 7,2 million to 74 million with an increase of approximately 12,4 percent. For us, reform is not a finished process. We continue to make continuous improvements and new regulations that will increase the welfare of our citizens. " he spoke.

OHSAD Chairman of the Board Dr. In the speech Resat Bahat, the number of cases in Turkey in the first 10 in the world, while noting that patients # 19 death, drew attention to the success of the health care system lies in these statistics. Stating that from time to time the private sector may be 'hurt and frustrated', Bahat said:

“Our industry had to offer 90 percent of its services in departments where it is almost forbidden to get noticed. Actually, we became a sector whose services were nationalized. Of course, if our service is nationalized, if your payment is expropriated, naturally, the rest should be contributed, but unfortunately we have faced with market rules regarding payments. Our reproaches on this subject have been heard right by many authorities. But some of our friends mistakenly believed that we wanted to be publicized. What we wanted was to say, 'If you have publicized this much service, pay the salary, rent or expenses of our staff, manage it for a while, if necessary, let us work.' However, none of this has happened as we wanted yet. "

Underlining that private hospitals used their facilities to the fullest in this period, Bahat expressed his belief that this would have a counterpart in public and politics. Emphasizing that they also find the changes made in SUT correct, Bahat said, "Although the contribution we receive, albeit small, flies away during the pandemic process, I continue to believe that this will continue." said.

Private Hospitals Platform Association President Dr. In his speech, Mehmet Altuğ stated that health tourism provides great benefits to the country and the sector and that it will make more contribution after the epidemic, and that in terms of health tourism, the promotion should be done well and the existing advantage should be evaluated well. Stating that health tourism provides great benefits to the country and the sector and will make more contributions after the epidemic, Altuğ stated that in terms of health tourism, the promotion should be done well and the existing advantage should be evaluated well.

The 11th Joint Solution in Health Meetings were concluded with various sessions with the participation of senior executives of the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution and private health sector after the opening session.

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