Qatar Airways Restarts Seychelles Flights

qatar airways seyseller restarts flights
qatar airways seyseller restarts flights

Qatar Airways is pleased to announce that flights to the Seychelles will resume from 15 December 2020. Flights will be operated by 8-seat Airbus A102 aircraft in Business Class and 319-seat aircraft in Economy Class.

The airline's forward-thinking strategic investment in twin-engine, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft has enabled it to continue to fly through the crisis and lead the sustainable growth of global aviation.

Now is the best time to plan your winter vacation. With the start of the season, go on an unforgettable journey with your loved ones. Take advantage of Qatar Airways' trips to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) three times a week to turn the cold winter weather into the bliss of sunlight.

With fewer tourists to compete for that perfect photo you've always dreamed of shooting, now is the right time to go on that trip you've always dreamed of. Summer never ends with Qatar Airways' extensive flight network serving more than 100 destinations worldwide.

Qatar Airways Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker, said: “We are delighted to re-launch our flights to the Seychelles and expand our network in Africa to 70 destinations with over 21 weekly flights. With its stunning white sandy beaches, island-to-island excursions and vibrant forests, we are sure that Seychelles will be a very popular option for passengers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday even if the winter season has already begun all over the world. he said and added:

“Qatar Airways aims to connect travelers from all over the world through the Middle East's best airport and Hamad International Airport (HIA), our home and hub. On travels from Europe, Asia-Pacific or America, passengers can enjoy a smooth journey on our aircraft, where the latest health and safety regulations are applied.

Seychelles Tourism Board Chairman Sherin Francis said the following about Qatar Airways' resumption of flights to Seychelles; “It is an honor for us to consider Seychelles as part of the flight network by Qatar Airways. The resumption of flights between Qatar and Seychelles is an important opportunity for us as we review our marketing strategies to make Seychelles more visible and accessible. "

With the airline's expanding operations in Africa, passengers can be confident that they will see a fine example of African hospitality on board with the airline's multicultural cabin crew, which includes more than 30 African citizens. In addition, passengers can enjoy a variety of African movies, TV shows and music on Qatar Airways' in-flight entertainment system, Oryx One.

Thanks to Qatar Airways' strategic investment in a variety of fuel-efficient, twin-engine aircraft, including the world's largest Airbus A350 fleet, it has continued to fly through the pandemic, leading the sustainable improvement of international travel and occupying an important position. The airline recently took delivery of three new state-of-the-art Airbus A350-1000 aircraft and increased its A2,6 fleet, with an average age of 350, to 52 in total. Qatar Airways is not using the Airbus A19 fleet as it considers COVID-380's implications for travel demand and the environmental sensitivity of using such a large four-engine passenger aircraft in the current market. Qatar Airways has also recently launched a new program that allows its passengers to voluntarily offset the carbon emissions associated with their travel when booking.

Qatar Airways, with many International awards, was named "Best Airline in the World" and "Best Airline in the Middle East" at the 2019 World Airline Awards organized by Skytrax. In addition, thanks to Qsuite, which offers a groundbreaking Business Class experience, it was deemed worthy of the "World's Best Business Class" and "Best Business Class Seat" awards. Qsuite offers the most comfortable and socially distant Business Class service in the sky, providing passengers with the widest range of privacy in the sky with its 1-2-1 configuration seat arrangement. Qatar Airways is also the only airline to receive the respected “Airline of the Year” award five times, regarded as the pinnacle of excellence in the airline industry. Hamad International Airport, the center of the flag carrier in Doha, was recently named the 'Third Best Airport in the World' among 2020 airports worldwide at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 550.

Qatar Airways passengers can now enjoy a new two-piece baggage allowance from Africa for a total of 46kg for Economy Class and 64kg for Business Class.

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