Police opened the road cut by Pendik Municipality

The road cut by the pendik municipality was opened by the police
The road cut by the pendik municipality was opened by the police

Pendik Municipality has placed a mobo without permission at a point on Tevfik İleri Caddesi under IMM jurisdiction. Pendik Municipality responded to the works of IMM teams who wanted to fix the violation by blocking the road. Following the call of the police, the road was opened and the mobo moved to a point under the jurisdiction of Pendik Municipality.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) removed the mobo placed by Pendik Municipality in Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi Tevfik İleri Caddesi, No: 125. Realizing that a mobo was placed in a point under IMM jurisdiction by the Pendik Municipality, the Road Maintenance Directorate teams informed the Police. With the arrival of the IMM Police, the removal of the mobo, which was placed on the main artery without permission, was initiated.


However, Pendik Municipality, which did not want the mobo to be removed from its place, cut the road bilaterally through its own police units; It prevented the work of IMM teams. When the warnings of IMM and the talks failed, the police were called to the region. Police opened the road cut by the district municipality. After the road was opened, the mobo was left to Güllübağlar warehouses by IMM teams at the request of the Pendik Municipality. The residents of Tevfik İleri Caddesi, who saw the road cut in the middle of the city, were amazed by the incident.

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