Attention to Correct Mask Selection! Where to Use Which Mask?

pay attention to choosing the right mask which mask where to use
pay attention to choosing the right mask which mask where to use

Cases are increasing, masks that do not meet the conditions of surgical masks threaten public health. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of cases increased by 50 percent compared to the previous month. The rising spread in this second wave after the stagnant summer season made the masks, which are one of the main requirements of antivirus, even more important. Honnes Deputy General Manager R. Kaan Öztaşkın, who warned about the masks that are put into circulation in the market but have less protection, said that the products that do not have filters and do not meet the EN 14683 surgical mask standards are used by many individuals due to aesthetics and price concerns and that such masks threaten public health.

Featured titles in mask selection

  • The mask must be a surgical mask and must meet the EN 14683 Surgical Mask standards.
  • Care should be taken to be single-use and filtered.
  • Care should be taken to choose a filter mask for children.
  • All details should be examined, from the company producing the mask to the filter and fabric used.
  • Aesthetics and price concerns should not override the technical features of the mask.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which manifested itself in early March in our country, continues with the increase in cases created by the second wave. While hygiene, social distance and protection with masks against the risk of contamination are still our top priority, the need for a mask that provides protection by covering the mouth and nose, especially in crowded environments, directs non-medical companies to the production of masks. This trend, which causes the circulation of masks outside of medical standards in the market, brings about another risk that threatens public health.

Companies with medical experience stand out

Founded in 1987, Capa Medical company logistics in the health sector under the roof, operating in the sales and marketing space and time, Turkey's largest came to medical distributor position B-good undergoing Honnes brand to life Deputy General Manager r.ka the Öztaşkın, non-protective properties, He warns that masks without a filter pose as great a risk for users as not wearing a mask.

"Aesthetic concerns should not override technical standards"

Explaining that the use of meltblown filters is less in brands that only focus on profit, R.Kaan Öztaşkın underlines that consumers should pay particular attention to the following points when buying masks:

“One of the biggest mistakes in the selection and use of masks is that aesthetics and price concerns override the technical features of the mask. It is absolutely not right to use masks made of fabric and suitable for multiple uses. Therefore, any mask that is non-surgical and does not meet the EN 14683 surgical mask standards should not be trusted. Disposable meltblown filter masks are the most reliable masks that you can easily find on the market, recommended by health authorities and whose protective properties have been tested in the laboratory environment. Thanks to the metlblown filter used in the middle layer, bacteria transmitted through droplets are prevented from breathing. When purchasing a mask, all details from the manufacturing company to the filter and fabric used should be carefully examined. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to prevent the speed of propagation. "

Which mask should be used where?

Stating that each individual should prevent the spread of the virus by wearing a mask with the awareness that they are sick, Öztaşkın says that masks are divided into surgical masks and respiratory system protective masks according to their area of ​​use. Rami Kaan Öztaşkın said, “Surgical masks when entering areas where healthcare professionals are suspected of carrying Covid-19 or diagnosed patients; "It is recommended to wear a respiratory system protective mask during interventions such as tracheal intubation, non-invasive ventilator (breathing apparatus) and heart massage."

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