Pandemic Quickly Digitizes the Logistics Industry

pandemic is rapidly digitizing the logistics industry
pandemic is rapidly digitizing the logistics industry

The pandemic has revealed how critical the logistics industry is. With the pandemic, the use of digitalization and technology in logistics management has increased rapidly. Logistics technology startups are reshaping the logistics industry in this process. Indeed, if trucks are running in a country, there is life in that country.

Pandemic is rapidly digitizing the logistics industry

One of the three sectors in the world that will experience the greatest digital transformation in the next 5 years is "logistics". Without logistics, the trade cycle cannot be completed. The purchased goods must be delivered to the customer without any problems. Trade equals, means logistics. Along with the logistics sector, health and education attract attention as the prominent sectors.

Stating that e-commerce is rapidly spreading around the world with the pandemic, TTT Global Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan said the following:

“The pandemic conditions we are living in, the widespread use of mobile phones and the internet further increased the speed of e-commerce spread. In China, which does not lose the leadership in e-commerce, the rate of e-commerce among the total trade is running to 40%. USA and Europe reached 14%. In Turkey came close to 8%. Today, commerce is rapidly becoming digital. Stores are turning into virtual stores. Even though the trade becomes digital, the fact that the purchased goods are delivered to the customer stands firmly before us as a constant metaphor. This point differentiates logistics from others, and a product produced at the factory needs to be physically delivered to the customer's door. Faced with the greatest epidemic threat of the century, the world, on the one hand, tries to control the pandemic with vaccines and treatment methods developed for Covid-19 and turn life into what we are used to again, on the other hand, to produce solutions to this situation that deeply affects all socio-economic life. working diligently. As we enter the last month of 2020, the contraction in the world economy is going towards 10%. In short, the pandemic period revealed how critical it is for the logistics industry to work properly for the maintenance of other components of life. With the pandemic, the use of digitalization and technology in logistics management has increased rapidly. Indeed, if trucks are working in a country, there is life in that country, ”he said.

Priority in vaccine administration, healthcare personnel and logisticians

Underlining that the importance of the logistics industry has emerged with the pandemic, TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan noted the following:

“The vaccines developed by the BioNTech company are being distributed in the USA and Europe this month. Maintaining the -70 degrees Celsius cold chain at all stages from production to storage and distribution of vaccines will become one of the most important logistical problems. In the implementation of the first batch of vaccines in the USA, it was noteworthy that among the groups to be given priority, besides health personnel, logisticians and truck drivers. The actors of the logistics ecosystem play a critical role not only for the transport of the vaccine but also for the maintenance of daily life. "If we can manage our business from our homes and continue the education of our children, our needs are because they can come to our door."

Logistics technology startups are reshaping the logistics industry

Explaining that the logistics sector has been reshaped with "logistics technology startups", TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan continued his speech as follows:

“Logistics technology startups”, empowered by technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence, and have no limits in accessibility with smart phones, are spreading rapidly. The number of people who managed to become unicorns exceeded 15. Manbang, which has made 10 million truckers and 5 million freighters a part of its platform in China, increased its valuation to over $ 1.7 billion with an investment of $ 12 billion last week. Convoy, Project44, Uber Freight, Next Trucking, Coyote, FourKites, Flexport, CargoX in South America, Senner in Europe, Forto, OnTruck, Shippeo in USA, Rivigo, Blackbuck, Delhivery in India, Lori System in Africa Kobo360 startup and while there, and parkpalet Tırport startup in Turkey will come to the fore. Turkish startup Tırport, which is Create @ Alibaba Finalist, had its name written in the finals as one of the '20 Startups that will be Unicorn on a global scale. With its technologies, Tırport empowers logistics companies to manage their operations end-to-end with dashboards from all digital platforms (iOS / Android / iPAD / Web), on the other hand; "It brings together freight owners and reliable truckers in real-time, location-based, TIRPORT YükCEPte application."

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