Preserving Oral and Dental Health During Pandemic Period

Preservation of oral and dental health during the pandemic period
Preservation of oral and dental health during the pandemic period

It is known that the coronavirus, which affects the whole world, is first transmitted to the body by mouth and transmitted. To reduce the rate of spread and damage of the virus, return to oral hygiene and health requires a barrier to drive its entry for the result.

Hospitadent Dental Group Pendik Branch Chief Physician Ömer Kadıoğlu, who made statements about the promotion of oral care and hygiene during the pandemic period, said, “We all need to change this and our routine and pandemic new habits. "Teeth should be brushed twice, hands should be washed effectively before and after queuing for additional applications such as using dental floss, interface brush or mouthwash to remove bacterial plaque in areas that the toothbrush cannot reach."

No health problem should be postponed

In addition, Ömer Kadıoğlu, Chief Physician of Hospitadent Dental Group Pendik Branch, emphasizing that the pandemic planned treatments should not be neglected and completed by this pressure, said, “It is not a point of view such as 'no treatment is required' or correction afterwards for any health problem. Problems that seem to do not want the cause may become more difficult to treat in the future. Therefore, the most accurate method is to get the opinion of the expert and prepare the treatment plans. In addition, a health problem that seems simple can give results that cannot be treated in time, ”he said.

A dental examination every 6 months

Going to the dentist every 6 months to be examined both provides you with information about your oral health, and if there is a situation that does not go well, it provides measures to be taken and makes treatment easier.

We have followed the Ministry of Health lessons from the very beginning in the pandemic field; Kadioglu said that they compete with the Oral, Dental Health Institutions and Health Tourism Association (ADISSAD) to maximize the dental hospitals, dental health and dental polyclinics operating in the oral and dental health sector;

Patients should minimize contact with hospital research people on time to their appointments. Another important point is that going alone for an appointment, crowding of the waiting room can cause an increase in the number of people with inflammation.

Some of our patients come from abroad only for dental treatment, in this case, they should follow the 14-day rule and isolate them from the society.

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