Wedding Dress Collection from Özlem Süer to Make a Mark on the Year 2021

bridal collection that will mark the year
bridal collection that will mark the year

Özlem Süer, the creator of extraordinary designs inspired by different stories every season in her 30 years of fashion and design adventure, made a photo shoot with the concept of surreal fairy tales describing her new wedding dress collection.

Stating that 2021 will be a year in which postponed times add new philosophies to life and expectations rise further, Özlem Süer expressed her wedding dress predictions for the post-pandemic era that will mark the year:

“We focused more on our feelings for wedding dresses. Romanticism has very different feelings for us now, it has become our priority. The year begins, in which more rituals will take place and we will see more alternative wedding dresses. In more contemporary approaches, those that come from the structural architectural inspirations by simplifying and more retro and magnificent wedding dresses will make a strong impression. We will see Contemporary Boho brides, retro brides, fairytale brides, different sleeve detailed wedding gowns. Retro bell sleeves or large puffy sleeves, layered tulles with light pastel-like approaches with pearl tones on top of each other, workmanship with very special pearl tones, tail effects that extend with different back details will appear as another elegance worth checking out. A year awaits us with many iconic trends ranging from toy sparkles, pastel silhouettes, statement sleeves and bows.

Ozlem Suerden's bridal collection that will mark the year
Ozlem Suerden's bridal collection that will mark the year

Özlem Süer explains that she left the reign of white to baby pink, powder and blue tones. “The unusual back details are displayed with buttons and giant bows. Longer skirts than usual are greeted like a nod to the glory longed for. At the same time, we will often see lace accompanied by modern interpretations. Complementary bridal gowns with extravaganza influences such as capes and robes will also be replaced with characteristic details. The sparkles reflected by the party girl in our souls bored in quarantine will be eye-catching. Sculptural, unusual forms on the neck and neck as well as on the arm and shoulder details reveal elegance. " said. Özlem Süer also emphasized that in addition to all this glamor and characteristic, super stylish and simple double suits and wedding dresses will be among the trends of today.

The spirit of new and unique designs is Özlem Süer's new wedding dress collection with surreal fairy tale concept. You can review from.

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