Nasreddin Hodja House Restoration Completed

Nasreddin Hodja's house restoration is completed
Nasreddin Hodja's house restoration is completed

📩 24/12/2020 11:40

Within the scope of the project prepared by Akşehir Municipality, the restoration of Nasreddin Hodja House within the Nasreddin Hodja World Humor Village Project carried out by Konya Plain Project Regional Development Administration (KOP) and Akşehir Municipality has been completed.

The "Nasreddin Hodja House", whose restoration has been completed, will be functionalized as the "Nasreddin Hodja House Museum" with an anecdote.

Akşehir Mayor Dr. Salih Akkaya said in a statement on the subject, “The restoration of our Nasreddin Hodja House Museum and the landscaping in its outer area have been completed. For the time being, realistic silicon sculpture studies on anecdotal animations continue. When these are completed, the house will be furnished with realistic silicone sculptures in which 18 jokes are animated and materials belonging to the period of Nasreddin Hodja. In addition, various information and anecdotes of our teacher will be told through boards. In its garden, there will be areas where people can have a good time, walkways, pool and areas for listening. "The house of our Nasreddin Hodja will be opened to the visit of our esteemed citizens and guests coming to Akşehir during the summer months."

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