Minister Pekcan Attended the International Investment Summit

minister pekcan attended the international investment summit
minister pekcan attended the international investment summit

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, the increase of foreign direct investments in Turkey, said much attention is given to improving the investment environment and noted that they show the importance they attached great importance.

Pekcan, Turkey's FDI Perspectives and Strategies of International Investment Summit organized by YASED "joining the panel, YASED Chairman Ayşem Sargın has answered several questions related to international investment.

YASED on the Board of the Ministry of Commerce Advisory they met consistently and Pekcan explaining that this board works pretty well, made consultations in particular they discussed issues of pandemic period, what can be done for the solution of Turkey's told how they assess the issues can be involved in the changes in the global value chain and conversion.

Direct foreign investment increased much they care about Pekcan Minister stressed, "Undoubtedly Turkey has always been a center of attraction for foreign direct investors. While foreign direct investments were 1984 billion dollars in the 2002-14,6 period, we see that it was 2003 billion dollars between 2020 and 222,5. Turkey also takes part in working groups to facilitate investment by the World Trade Organization. Here, we actively take part in the works to be carried out in terms of legal predictability, transparency and easy access to public services for the investor. As emphasized by our President, we pay attention and importance to the improvement of the investment environment. " said.

Pekcan, Turkey's dynamic, emerging economies, educated, young population, with being on the consumption centers on the proximity and energy corridors, the infrastructure is ready for the digital conversion, production in the EU quality, expressed that it is a center of attraction for international investors to the supply structure.

As the umbrella organization of foreign investors in Turkey, YASED Pekcan also stated that they expect to play an active role, he said they would continue to support the development of the investment environment as the Ministry of Commerce.

"There are potential investment areas in 81 provinces"

Explaining that they attach great importance to digital transformation as the ministry, Pekcan gave information about the activities in customs, virtual fairs and trade delegations, Virtual Trade Academy and other educational activities from the Easy export platform.

Stating that they are trying to update and diversify their export support while doing these studies, Pekcan said, "As the Ministry, we aim to support our exporters for the export of high value-added products, from the export preparation stage to the market research stage, from the market entry-branding and support of global supply chains to design support." He spoke in the form.

Reminding that the Ministry initiated the “First Step to Export Project in 81 Provinces”, Pekcan continued as follows: “Our study in 70 provinces revealed that although 11 thousand 444 of our companies could potentially be exporters, they were not. This shows that our 81 provinces are actually potential investment areas for international direct investors. In other words, there is such a production, investment and export potential not only in certain centers but throughout the country. In the upcoming period, we will provide one-on-one mentoring support to all these companies with these studies. We have identified five pilot provinces and continue to develop this project. "

Referring to the Specialized Free Zones Project, Pekcan said, "When you look at the countries that grow with technology investment, production and export in the world, we see that these are generally made in Specialized Free Zones and that technology investments from these areas contribute to the growth of that country by growing production and exports." said.

Stating that they are planning Specialized Free Zones as technology-intensive investment and export bases, Pekcan said, “We envisage support for these areas such as employment support, rent, interest and profit loss support, and even social security premium support in technology-oriented sectors such as informatics. We continue to support our companies at every stage they need in order to take part in the supply chain of international companies, at the certification stage and at the consultancy stage. In other words, the export potential is great. "

EU Green Deal

Upon asking about the Ministry's work on the EU Green Agreement, Minister Pekcan stated in the last Advisory Board that they shared their duties with NGOs regarding updating the Customs Union, the Brexit process and the steps to be taken after the Brexit, how they can take part in the post-pandemic transformation in the world, and to increase trade relations with the USA He noted that they evaluated the steps that can be taken mutually and the work that needs to be done to improve the investment environment.

Explaining that they also addressed the issue of the European Union Green Agreement, Pekcan said that since the EU's publication of this document, they have formed a working group as the Ministry.

Stating that there were representatives from other relevant ministries in the said working group, Pekcan stated that they included the private sector in this and that they are currently working on the steps to be taken on a sectoral basis with the participation of all relevant ministries under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce.

This area also stressed Turkey's direct foreign investment it needs Pekcan, said:
"Especially in energy transportation of clean energy-intensive sectors, both foreign direct investment and technology transfer, as well as important that these financial resources can reach from Turkey when European Green reconciliation of thought 10 trillion euro budget plans to allocate here in 1 years. It is very important that the World Trade Organization, the OECD, the European Union and the developing countries will take joint steps in this regard, so that the border carbon regulation is not perceived as protective commercial measures at the border and not implemented in this way. We attach great importance to the coordination between our ministries and with the private sector. “

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