3 New Test Facilities for National Combat Aircraft

New test facility for national combat aircraft
New test facility for national combat aircraft

TAI announced on its Twitter account 3 test centers to be built for the Lightning Test, RKA Measurement and EMI/EMC Test for the National Combat Aircraft Project. “With our MMU project, we brought 3 big new test centers to our country with our national resources. kazanWe are preparing to steer the aviation industry by While producing our domestic and national products, we always dream of more for our country.”

Test facilities are more important items than you might think for a large project such as a warplane. No matter how much the simulation software develops to make a system, that system must be subject to determined conditions in real life. Relying on the software for testing can lead to design flaws that the software cannot detect, causing huge financial damage to the final test.

With the embargoes that have been implicitly applied for a few years and started to become official recently, our country was left alone in terms of test facilities. Thus, Turkey has started to meet the test needs to establish facilities required by their own means. Considering the importance of the MMU project for our country, we have to face the fact that we cannot meet our testing needs from outside, especially in this period.

Lightning Test Facility, EMC / EMI (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference) Tests Facility and Near Field RKA (Radar Cross Section Area) Measurement Facility are being built for different test needs of MMU. In fact, these facilities will meet the testing needs of not only MMU, but also our other aviation projects in the future. For example, when TUSAŞ or Baykar Makina is working on an Unmanned Fighter Aircraft project, the RKA Measurement Facility used for MMU can also be used for Unmanned Combat Aircraft when the RKA test will be performed.

Lightning Test Facility

The greatest dangers to airplanes may not always come from the enemy, and one of these non-human dangers is undoubtedly lightning. In particular, a machine with a price of tens of millions of dollars, such as a warplane, should be protected against lightning. This facility will be used to test the MMU against lightning strikes.

The system will create an artificial ball lightning electromagnetic The property is one of Turkey's Arch which 209 projects have provided consultancy services for the development of pulsed power supply will be the signature of Molekülas company.

EMC / EMI Tests Facility

This facility, for which there is not much information, will be used to simulate electrical power problems (alternating current faults, overload, voltage drops…) that MMU and other aviation products will encounter and to test the magnetic and radioactive susceptibility of the platform.

Near Field RKA Measurement Facility

Low Radar Cross Section (RKA) is a must for the 5th Generation MMU. In order to achieve this, more than one study is carried out by both TUSAŞ and other companies. Some of these studies can be listed as optimization of the structure of the aircraft (parallel slope body and similar structural features that distort the shape of the radar waves), radar absorbing materials and RKA Measurement Facility. RKA Measurement Facility will guide other studies on this subject by measuring and showing whether the method used gives the desired result. The facility will be able to meet the testing needs of other aviation products (Cruise Missile, SİHA, Attack Helicopter ...) where low RKA is important.

To sum things up, looking at these facilities only from the MMU window will give us a narrow perspective about them. Our new facilities, which will be more advanced than our existing facilities that perform the same function in terms of the technology they require, will bring our Defense and Aviation sector to a new level.

Source: defenceturk

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