Metro Istanbul Will Grow Together With Its Suppliers

metro istanbul will grow together with its suppliers
metro istanbul will grow together with its suppliers

Özgür Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliate companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), stated that the primary goals of the company are competitiveness, transparency and localization and said, "We want to develop each other and grow together with our companies that give us the best quality at the best price."

Turkey's largest city rail operators with the General Manager of Metro Istanbul from IMM's subsidiaries Ozgur Soy, with business size and potential of urban rail operations sector not only as an entrepreneur, spare parts, manufacturing, is also important in the technology and service sectors reminded that they are in the position of a purchaser. Stating that they made purchases of nearly 4 thousand items, Özgür Soy said that 55 percent of this was goods, 40 percent service, and 5 percent construction.

"Despite the epidemic, we create employment by opening new lines"

Stating that their suppliers, which they position as business partners, have an important place in the growth targets of Metro Istanbul, Özgür Soy said, “Even in this difficult period we are in due to the coronavirus epidemic experienced all over the world, we create employment with the new lines we have opened and continue our stable and stable growth. In this sense, we are an important buyer. Our supplier partners have an important role in our growth targets. "Our long-term and trust-based partnerships help us achieve the goals we set."
Reminding that they met with nearly 300 suppliers in November in order to inform the supplier companies about the business potentials and targets of Metro Istanbul in the upcoming period, General Manager Soy stated that they listened to the suggestions of the companies participating in the meeting one by one and said, “We received very valuable suggestions. "We want to develop each other and grow together with our companies that give us the best quality at the best price."

"Our primary goal is competitiveness, transparency and localization"

Underlining that they stand at an equal distance to each company with a transparent management approach, General Manager Soy said, "In our purchasing vision, competitiveness, transparency and localization will be our primary goal." Underlining that he is aware that there are some reservations when bidding in institutions such as the municipality, General Manager Soy said, “I want you to know that we do not have prejudices against any company. "We will develop our market and portfolio by making agreements with companies that worked with Metro Istanbul in the past, as well as with new companies."

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